Annual Healthcare Professional Communication Report 2017


Communication and technology are ever changing. Not long ago, email was a wondrous new form of communication that had a profound impact on the way we exchange information.  In today’s world, with social media, online portals, apps and more, there is an overwhelming amount of channels by which we can consume and share information.  The question becomes, which […]

March 19th, 2017|

Hitting the Mark: How to Ensure Your Email Marketing Makes an Impact

Every smart marketer should be asking him or herself the same question on a regular basis: Are my efforts hitting the mark?  Download our free guide and learn how to make improvements to your email marketing campaigns so they truly make an impact.
In this guide you will read about:

How engagement works
Optimizing emails for conversions
Removing obstacles to deliverability

November 10th, 2016|

Email Marketing 101: The ABCs of Engaging Your Audience

Email marketing is arguably the most powerful channel for reaching healthcare professionals. Yet many marketers don’t take a strategic approach to their email marketing programs. Download our free ebook and use the best practices shared here to build a successful email marketing strategy for your organization.
In this ebook you will read about:

Factors to consider before creating your […]

July 29th, 2016|

Email Marketing Best Practices Guide

Online marketing is an important channel in today’s healthcare marketplace and a very cost effective way to strengthen your customer relationships. HealthLink Dimensions is dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals through the right expertise to maximize your multi-channel online strategy, including email marketing.
 This guide includes best practices to:

Improve email deliverability
Comply with federal regulations
Optimize email design
Enhance overall email campaign performance


July 18th, 2016|
Insights on the Information Healthcare Professionals Crave

Annual Healthcare Professional Communication Report 2016

As the healthcare industry continues to change at a rapid pace, the professionals who provide care are adapting to shifting priorities and new challenges. Reaching healthcare professionals via traditional communication channels may not be as effective as they were previously due to these changes, and the evolving preferences of HCPs as technology advances. This report […]

March 7th, 2016|
The State of Health Sciences Data

The State of Health Sciences Data

It all starts with great data. From marketing campaigns to operational systems and customer service processes, successful businesses are highly dependent on maintaining accurate and up-to-date data on prospects and customers. This report takes a closer look at data management within the life science industry.


In this whitepaper you will discover:

Results from the HealthLink Dimensions Data […]

February 1st, 2016|
Sidestepping the elusive spam trap guide

Email Marketing Best Practices: Sidestepping the Elusive Spam Trap

The dreaded spam trap. It can really put a damper on your email marketing strategy and cause some serious damage to your overall email campaign performance. We know that they aren’t good and we want to avoid them, but how?
In this guide we answer the following questions:

What exactly is a spam trap?
Where do they come […]

July 23rd, 2015|
How to effectively communicate with healthcare professionals

Breaking Through The Noise

Effective communication hinges on the ability to connect in the most convenient and efficient ways. This is especially important as pharmaceutical companies, insurance payors and businesses in the medical device industry attempt to foster a more open dialogue with medical professionals. Communicating with physicians requires flexibility and adaptability to effectively meet expectations and preferences.
In this […]

February 2nd, 2015|
Master Data Management in Life Sciences

Mastering the Shifting Currents of Customer Master Data

Healthcare is changing, both in the delivery of patient treatment and the government’s role in regulation and reimbursement. These fast moving currents make use of data, business intelligence, and analytics tools more important and more challenging than ever before.
In this whitepaper you will discover:

The risks of data inaccuracies and the rewards of a single source […]

August 23rd, 2013|
Healthcare professionals want to communicate with you but how?

Healthcare professionals want to hear from you… but HOW?

Healthcare Professionals Whitepaper Marketers may be relying on the tried and true direct sales model, only to be frustrated and unable to deliver results. Why are traditional marketing methods yielding fewer results? Nurturing current relationships and creating new ones between marketers and medical professionals is imperative to growth.
In this whitepaper you will discover:

How to engage […]

April 10th, 2013|