Move beyond hindsight with predictive analytics

Smart decisions that make an impact on business begin with great data. Good data takes into account the past. Great data considers the future.

Traditional analytics focus on describing past prescribing, diagnosis or treatment events. Treatment Insights goes a step further, predicting how likely an individual healthcare provider is to prescribe a medication for a particular therapeutic class or diagnose for a certain condition.

Applying treatment insights to drive business growth

Our approach focuses on using all available data and sophisticated analytics to improve decision-making and overall business performance for our clients. Using machine learning and advanced computer science, we unlock healthcare enterprise data to provide the foresight needed to transform decision making, helping organizations utilize their resources for the greatest clinical, quality, and financial impact.

Taking analytics to a new dimension

Treatment Insights provides a deeper understanding of healthcare provider treatment behavior enabling organizations to:

  • Identify high value healthcare providers within a particular diagnostic or therapeutic prescription class
  • Develop provider segments for sales territory alignment and a targeted sales approach
  • Guide product development, direct marketing campaigns and customer retention efforts
  • Increase referral networks or association membership

HealthLink Dimensions Treatment Insights features

  • Data collected from Medicare claims and commercial insurance carriers
  • Coverage includes 1.7 million providers and 3 billion prescriptions
  • Proprietary Information Cloud
  • Predictive Analytic Modeling