Atlanta, GA – June 3, 2014HealthLink Dimensions, a leading provider of healthcare data solutions in the U.S., announces the addition of Cloud Services to its portfolio of products and services. Cloud Services offers customers access to millions of healthcare provider records in real-time. Customers can access the HealthLink Dimensions databases via a web-based portal or a customized web API solution.

Healthcare provider data changes constantly, and trying to maintain an accurate database can be costly and time consuming. HealthLink Dimensions makes data management easier and affordable through the Provider Research Portal. Now customers can access millions of healthcare provider records and multiple data sources in one convenient search application. The Provider Research Portal allows you to search for healthcare provider data across multiple HealthLink Dimensions databases, including the master Healthcare Provider Database.

For companies that require up-to-date provider data to power their business-critical systems (such as CRM, expense reporting and accounting systems), HealthLink Dimensions developed the Cloud Services Web API. This application utilizes a secure connection between the client’s servers and HealthLink Dimensions servers to allow real-time access to the most accurate and current provider data.

“Traditionally, HealthLink Dimensions clients have requested updates to their provider records on a recurrent basis, such as once a quarter,” said Kevin Guthrie, Vice-President and General Manager of HealthLink Dimensions. “Now, our clients’ business processes can access the most current data we have anytime by querying our databases directly through the Web API.”

Would you like a tour of the Provider Research Portal or a demo of the data the Cloud Services Web API provides? Contact us to schedule a brief demonstration.