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Medical education companies have a variety of pain points as they navigate the need to keep provider databases accurate and up-to-date. From incomplete or unqualified registrations to old or noncompliant data, it’s a struggle. CMEs need a complete picture of clinicians for list expansion. This includes all types of data, including licensing information and specialties.


HealthLink Dimensions is uniquely positioned to solve CME pain points. We deliver accurate, validated, and consistently formatted data for more than 6 million providers and 6,900 hospitals, so you can efficiently reach and enroll high-value providers.

Companies We Work With


Case In Point

HealthLink Dimensions helped a CME market leader scale and improve the accuracy and completeness of its clinician database, driving more highly qualified CME registrations.

How We Can Help

Here are some of the ways we help: 


Data Completeness

Ensure every record is comprehensible and actionable. Fill in the missing information in your clinician lists.


List Expansion

Improve the breadth and depth of your lists. Identify new clinician targets that fit your event guidelines.



Leverage our validated email addresses. Redirect unqualified registrants to more suitable events.


Scheduled Updates

Keep your data fresh. Did you know that 20% of clinicians change their email or employer yearly?



Avoid the repercussions of non-compliant data. Adhere to U.S. federal and state laws, like CPRA and VCDPA, with 100% privacy-compliant data.


Integration Options

Save time with streamlined processes. Deliver data directly into platforms your team already uses with REST API.


Easy Transfers

Reduce administrative strain. Get SFTP file delivery for seamless data transfer.

Make The Most Of Accurate Provider Data

  • Work email address

  • Medical school

  • Residency program

  • Disease or condition focus

  • “When to Send” data for optimal open rates

  • And much more

  • State licensing information

  • Board certifications

  • Specialty designations

  • Prescribing history

  • Health plan affiliation

  • NPI number

Our CME clients take advantage of HealthLink’s full-record demographics to improve and expand their lists, including:


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