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Email Deployment

Effective HCP Email Marketing That Works

Email marketing remains one of the most efficient methods of reaching your target audience, but only if your email gets through to the recipient you want to reach, gets opened, and, ultimately, read.

Healthcare Marketing Driven By Modern Technology

Beyond email addresses for over 90% of MD, DO, NP, and PA providers, clients rely on HealthLink Dimensions for  email deployment services too. They have seen first-hand how challenging it can be to launch campaigns that don’t get rejected by audiences’ filters and firewalls. At HealthLink Dimensions, we use a combination of smart technology, triple verification, accurate data, and spam-proof messaging to ensure our clients’ emails land where they are supposed to.


Our domains are warmed, primed and ready to launch client emails in waves and sequences needed to achieve the best results possible. We can even launch emails at specific times to maximize open rates based on “when to send” data for every recipient on your list.


No matter the preferences you select, you’ll have access to delivery metrics in real time, so you can report back to your team exactly how your email programs performed.


Complete Flexibility For Your Email Marketing

You can use your own data, our data, or a combination when you engage HealthLink Dimensions for email deployment.


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