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Is Your Data Out Of Date?

It’s time to stop sending emails and snail mail to doctors’ old addresses. Instead, turn to HealthLink Dimensions to harness the largest database of its kind in the nation and see for yourself why 11 of the 15 largest pharma companies trust HealthLink Dimensions as their source for HCP data.

Fill out the following form for a free data health check for your marketing list. We’ll provide you with up-to-date, verified data and analysis so that you can feel confident about your ability to reach your target audience.

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Our partners regularly come to us and ask, “How do we know if our data needs updating at all?” If you are wondering about the health of your clinician marketing list, here are some questions to ask yourself:

Do you know who’s on your list?

Organically grown lists and those cobbled together from partners and 3rd party sources may be inaccurate. We can help! If you provide us with NPI numbers, we can analyze your list according to specialties, prescribing behavior, and common diagnoses so you can better understand your current targeting capabilities.

Is your list safe?

Email reputation is an important factor when it comes to your ability to effectively reach your audience. Let us analyze your list for spam traps, hard bounces, soft bounces, deceased and retired data, and those with disciplinary action against them so you can protect your brand.

Is your list tired?

Is a high percentage of your distribution list unresponsive? When you send us the names or NPIs of 10 MDs, we can give you 20 (or more) ways to reach them. HealthLink Dimensions has two-plus email addresses on average for every MD giving you more ways to reach your target audience.

Is your list incomplete?

Most marketers are working with incomplete target lists, and there are likely many more doctors, NPs, and PAs you could add to your database. We can help scope and expand your target audience using the latest and most accurate healthcare provider database.

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