Healthcare Facility Data

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Large-scale healthcare facilities such as hospitals, surgical facilities and care centers are ideal targets for medical products and services due to their potential purchasing power. Medical equipment, healthcare services, pharmaceuticals and more are vital to how these facilities function. However, contacting the right individuals at hospitals and healthcare centers can feel like a frustrating game of tag.

Several different contacts may be a part of the decision-making process, and with constant personnel changes being a reality in the healthcare world, ensuring you have the most accurate, up-to-date contact information can be an uphill battle.

Working with the network

Possessing a Healthcare Facility Database devised by HealthLink Dimensions helps you establish the intelligence needed to make sound and effective business decisions. With it, you can communicate with facilities directly and identify the key figures that influence decision-making.

You can create a comprehensive profile of each hospital, ambulatory surgical center, long-term care facility and assisted living organization to build out your audience. Then, you can segment the audience to create customizable marketing strategies that fit each market. For example, you can target by title such as corporate-level executives and hospital chiefs of staff to establish an effective long-term relationship.

Connecting with key titles

HealthLink Dimensions’ Healthcare Facility Database offers you the ability to build a strong intelligence network from which you can glean key insights when targeting specific healthcare networks, systems or specific facilities.

Our database allows you to contact your target audience in the following facilities:

  • Hospitals: Identify and communicate with more than 178,000 key contacts located in over 6,900 hospitals across the United States.
  • Ambulatory surgical centers: Utilize the list of more than 17,000 contacts at 5,700 ambulatory surgery facilities around the country.
  • Assisted living facilities: Work with more than 33,000 contacts found at 13,000 assisted living facilities, both non- and for-profit.
  • Long-term care centers: Get in touch with 60,000 contacts working with stakeholders at more than 16,000 long-term care facilities.
  • We also offer contact information for professionals at GPOs and IDNs.

A unique distinction about this data is the amount of granular information that is provided. In using these details, you can segment your intended clientele and build a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Data elements include:

  • Hospital and Corporate Affiliations
  • Mailing Addresses
  • Phone and Fax numbers
  • DEA and NPI numbers
  • Tax ID information
  • Email addresses
  • And more

Our Healthcare Facility Database will help you establish the lasting relationship you’re looking for.