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Hospital Data

Health System Lists and Hospital Administration Contact Info

Whether you’re seeking to reach procurement officers, marketing officers, clinical directors, or C-suite executives, HealthLink Dimensions has the data you need to penetrate the hard-to-crack hospital universe.


In fact, HealthLink Dimensions’ hospital database includes records for 6,900 U.S. hospitals.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Hospitals

Our hospital data lets you slice and dice the hospital universe to meet your specific communication needs so you can target hospital professionals based on the following information:

  • Key Staff by Title

  • Validated Email Addresses

  • “When To Send” Data for Optimal Open Rates

  • Non-Profit or For-Profit Status

  • Number of Beds

  • ICU Beds

  • NICU Beds

  • Number of Employees

  • Annual Patient Discharges

  • Annual Revenue

  • Average Length of Stay

  • Inpatient Surgeries

  • Outpatient Surgeries

  • Births

  • Emergency Department Visits (Not Admitted)

  • Emergency Department Admissions

  • Clinical Services Available

Moreover, when you combine our hospital data with our provider data, you can simultaneously reach physicians and their administrative counterparts to affect change within hospitals or health systems.


Promote your infusion therapies to doctors and hospital-based pharmacists. Educate hospital executives about the benefits of your medical devices. Recruit hospitals as sites for clinical trials. You name it – HealthLink Dimensions hospital data can help you get the job done.


Hard-To-Reach Hospital Decision

Makers Are Now In Reach

With HealthLink Dimensions’ records for more than 6,900 hospitals throughout the U.S. – combined with our data for more than 5 million providers – you can get the results you want from hospitals and the people who run them.

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