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Demonstrate Your Agency’s Targeting Expertise

Advertising and marketing agencies that specialize in healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing consider HealthLink Dimensions among their most trusted partners for launching highly effective, highly targeted campaigns.

Agencies’ Secret Weapon

Healthcare advertising and marketing agencies look to HealthLink Dimensions for our data and our assistance developing and launching powerful campaigns that reach the healthcare audiences their clients care about most. The numbers speak for themselves:

Nearly 7,000



Physician And Provider Records

Records With Email Addresses

Hospitals With Executive
And Departmental Leaders

Just like the clients they represent, our agency partners recognize the power or precision data for a host of marketing initiatives. They use our data to reach physicians and other allied health professionals through email campaigns, direct mail programs, sales support initiatives, and targeted advertising – including programmatic advertising as well as custom audience matching on prominent platforms like LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook. With our new triple verification service, our partners gain unparalleled confidence in their campaigns and ensure that emails reach their intended recipients without any inaccuracies or outdated information.


In addition to the value of our provider and hospital databases for executing campaigns, ad agencies and their creative teams look to HealthLink Dimensions as collaborators, tapping our expertise to maximize the effectiveness of their work and to cement their agency-client relationships.

Read An Agency Case Study

Read about a healthcare agency that partnered with HealthLink Dimensions to cement its relationship with the CDC and to generate powerful results for its client.

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