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Medical device manufacturers need to work closely with healthcare providers, particularly specialists, in order to sell their equipment. This requires facilitating contact through multiple channels, including email, direct mail and others for outreach and promotion. It’s for this reason that acquiring and maintaining accurate, clean and up-to-date data for healthcare professionals has become so vital to the success of medical device product managers, marketers and sales teams.

Marketing with accuracy

HealthLink Dimensions offers a wide variety of databases that offer accurate information for medical device companies to use in targeting key markets. These include:

Physician Email: Taking on the most direct and affordable marketing channel, companies can gain the email addresses of physicians to:

  • Promote new equipment and devices
  • Inform doctors on updates and improvements to various devices
  • Provide market research in the field
  • Educate physicians on the equipment and related fields

Healthcare Providers: This database provides all contact information for physicians, allied medical professionals and other healthcare providers, making it ideal for:

  • Startups seeking to develop a list to coincide with a product launch
  • Existing companies looking to expand their customer base

Physician Network Insight: With this database, you gain access to what insurance plans physicians accept at their practices, allowing you to:

  • Segment your audience based on insurance policies
  • Target matching physicians more likely to use your devices with relevant messaging

Treatment Insights: HealthLink Dimensions now offers behavioral data that identifies healthcare providers based on the patients and conditions they treat. Using this information, you can:

  • Identify and segment physicians that treat patients most likely to need your equipment
  • Provide targeted messaging to physicians most likely to use your devices

Healthcare Facility and Business Contact Databases: In the event you sell hospital-grade equipment and devices, you’ll likely face more complex interactions involving multiple stakeholders. Using our databases, you can:

  • Segment hospitals, health services and integrated delivery systems based on location, market and need
  • Identify key decision-makers in purchasing and procurement to contact and market your equipment

Group Practice: We also provide a database for group practices, making sales calls more efficient by targeting multiple physicians at once.

Better data, better results

You want your information to be accurate, but you also want it to be up-to-date. Dirty data undermines all marketing campaigns due to obsolete details. With our Data Cleansing and Data Append Services, we can provide you:

  • The most up-to-date information on millions of healthcare providers
  • Assistance in establishing a formal data management process