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Pharmaceutical companies often face a major challenge in marketing their treatments to healthcare providers. More often than not, they need to reach specialized physicians to ensure they connect with the right audience. This task is often complicated by keeping current professional and contact information up-to-date and accurate across multiple systems, including CRM and email. HealthLink Dimensions can help by providing accurate, effective and compliant data to the product managers, marketers and sales teams that need it most.

Increasing data accuracy for more personalized marketing

Promoting your treatments to the right medical professionals is vital. To this end, we provide databases for:

Physician Email: By using the most common and affordable marketing channel, you’ll have a direct line to physicians and other medical professionals. Along with promoting new products, you can inform doctors about research and development, improvements to the treatments you sell and chances to learn more about your specialty.

Healthcare Provider: Your organization should always be on the lookout for new customers, especially if you yourself represent a startup. With this database, you’re able to add new contacts from various parts of the country.

Physician Network Insight: Just as important to finding the right providers is identifying those with insurers that will cover your drugs. With coverage comes a greater likelihood they’ll prescribe your treatments.

Treatment Insights: With our new service, you’re now able to target and segment based on behavioral data. For example, if certain doctors treat patients for specific conditions your drugs cover, you may be able to market to them directly with relevant messaging.

Business Contact: If you’re contacting hospitals and other major facilities, you’re more than likely to encounter different authorities and complex bureaucracies in your search for the right person. With our database, you can reach purchasing decision-makers quickly.

Group Practice: Instead of just focusing on single physicians, you can reach out to group practices that focus on the same specialty, increasing the potential for prescribing your drugs to more people.

Making data better

Dirty data can lead to losing time and money on cold trails due to inaccurate information. With our Data Cleansing and Data Append services, you not only get accurate, updated information, you enjoy the benefits of a data management system that keeps your database healthy.