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7 Marketing Tips For Reaching Healthcare Providers

Marketing to healthcare providers (HCPs) presents unique challenges, especially in our current climate. Today’s HCPs are adjusting their behaviors and priorities in response to a rapid acceleration of digital savviness and technological advancements in the healthcare industry.

Fortunately, this pivot makes it easier for marketers to reach HCPs using digital tools.

Here are 7 of our top tips for marketing to HCPs

for maximum engagement.

7 Ways to Market to Healthcare Providers

These tips can help marketers reach HCPs wherever they are.

1. Focus on Digital Marketing Methods

The modern HCP relies less on in-person meetings and digital methods of discovering information and communicating with reps. Sales reps should avoid trying to set up in-person meetings or phone calls. Instead, they should focus on digital marketing methods, including email marketing, videos, blog articles, social media, and downloadable PDFs.

It’s a good idea to use multiple digital marketing techniques instead of relying on only one channel. HCPs are busy professionals who rely on digital devices to communicate and discover information. They may overlook an email but notice a blog post. Or they may ignore a blog post and instead watch a video.

Marketers can collect data from their digital marketing efforts to determine the best ways to communicate with HCPs based on open rates and engagement.

2. Keep Marketing Messages Brief

Regardless of the types of content marketers send to HCPs, they should all be brief and to the point. There is no reason to add fluff to a video or article. Getting to the point in three sentences is far more effective than writing a 1,000-word essay.

At the same time, don’t underestimate the value of imagery to accompany written text. For example, an infographic can distill a lot of information into an image that takes just a few seconds to comprehend.

3. Prioritize Fact-Based Statements

Just because the content sent to HCPs is short doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be valuable. For example, HCPs prioritize science. Therefore, all communication with them should be backed up with scientific evidence and facts. Marketers should lead with the facts to give HCPs the necessary information without searching for it.

4. Offer Email Subscription Options

Email marketing works — as long as it targets the right audience. Offering multiple email subscriptions can help segment HCPs to niche audiences to ensure that they are only receiving information that is interesting and relevant to them.

5. Value Data Quality

Marketers are obsessed with data. However, it’s essential to focus on data quality, not quantity. That means keeping a clean database to ensure that captured data is accurate, relevant, reliable, consistent, and complete. The amount of data collected is irrelevant if that data is not quality data.

6. Stay on Top of Marketing Regulations

The healthcare industry is heavily regulated, so it’s critical for healthcare marketers to stay on top of the latest updates in regulations in their target geographical area. Failing to abide by the latest rules could result in stiff penalties, including fines or even litigation proceedings.

7. Outsource and Create an Effective Partner Team

Fortunately, healthcare marketers don’t need to do it all themselves. Finding an effective marketing partner can ensure that they abide by all relevant laws and regulations, work with quality data, and deliver content to HCPs that is relevant to their specialties.

HealthLink Dimensions Can be Your Effective Marketing Partner

At HealthLink Dimensions, we help healthcare marketers take an omnichannel approach to marketing to HCPs. Our HealthLink Connect services include programmatic marketing, email deployment, and database management.

Contact us to learn more or to get started!


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