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A New View: Agency Turns To HealthLink To Reach More Doctors

We love to share success stories with our audience – not only to highlight our clients’ wins, but to demonstrate to others how they can enhance their own campaigns. In one recent client success story, we described how we leveraged our database to target hyper-specific groups for a self-described “behavior change agency.”

This specialized ad agency creates campaigns to build awareness and promote healthy behaviors, primarily working with nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies. When the agency was engaged by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the new client was obviously in its wheelhouse – but the team wanted to confirm that their data was targeted and accurate to ensure success.

Tasked with implementing a set of campaigns focused on healthcare professionals, the agency turned to HealthLink Dimensions to assist with its communications based on our competitive prices, detailed network of databases, and exclusive communications services.

In its first campaign, “Get Ahead of Sepsis,” the agency sought to educate clinicians about sepsis, mitigation risks, and early intervention. With HealthLink Dimensions’ comprehensive provider information, the agency sent emails to more than 117,000 providers, with 99.9% deliverability.

There were three campaigns in total, all of which utilized HealthLink Dimensions’ extensive directory to target specialized demographics through email marketing. The second campaign achieved an even higher open rate than the first, and the third outperformed the first and second campaigns, with record-high open rates.

Curious about the numbers? Read on in our comprehensive case study.


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