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Data Compliance In Healthcare And Life Sciences

How HealthLink Dimensions can help with compliance requirements

Under the new presidential administration, there will likely be a more in depth focus on audits and compliancy checks in the healthcare and life sciences sectors than seen in the past several years. With the increase in regulatory requirements,

it’s important to make sure that your data follows

required guidelines.

As the largest healthcare provider database certified by BPA Worldwide, HealthLink Dimensions’ data and services are used in real time by first line care teams, health insurance networks, post-acute care providers, specialty pharmacies and life science companies—all highly regulated verticals. Here are several ways that HealthLink Dimensions can help ensure that you are following regulations with compliant data:

Network Adequacy

With requirements from CMS’ Medicare Advantage program for health insurance companies to have a minimum number of network providers by specialty within a geographic area, HealthLink Dimensions can conduct an analysis of your network to ensure compliance. As a part of our solution and service, we can suggest additional providers who could be added to your health insurance network and provide corrections if your provider network directory is found to be erroneous.

Data Hygiene and Accuracy

With requirements from organizations like CMS to maintain a clean provider directory with threats of large penalties for inaccuracies, the Provider Research Portal (PRP) from HealthLink Dimensions is an easy way to research your data using the largest healthcare provider database in the US. We can also perform a data hygiene audit to ensure that your data is clean and accurate for compliance, as our data is constantly monitored and updated to reflect healthcare provider data changes.

Payment Relationship Transparency

In order to maintain transparency about financial relationships between pharma brands, medical device companies, and healthcare providers, the Sunshine Act, requires reporting on payments to physicians or third parties. HealthLink Dimensions’ data and managed data services helps organizations build and maintain their master provider datasets to enable accurate and timely CMS reporting.

Post-Acute Care Provider Requirements

In order to improve on compliance as outlined under the IMPACT Act to meet post-acute care requirements, CMS released new updates and compliance rules under the previous presidential administration, and the post-acute care provider directory from Carelike, a HealthLink Dimensions company, is a solution that can help. Our discharge directory provides patients with extensive post-acute care provider choices and allows hospitals and healthcare systems to stay within compliance by delivering quality ratings.

Get started with HealthLink Dimensions

HealthLink Dimensions’ mission is to make healthcare easier through creative managed data solutions and technology so that healthcare businesses and facilities can focus on getting their job done without worrying about fees and penalties related to noncompliance. If you need a partner to help ensure you are within compliance in your healthcare-specific industry including health insurance, hospital or healthcare systems, pharma, or life science, fill out the form or contact us!


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