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Doctors Really Do Care About Their Patients, So Give Them Useful Clinical Information

There has been an increased focus on physicians’ interest in compensation over care in recent years. However, it is also true that doctors care deeply about their patients’ health outcomes. Studies have shown that healthy doctor-patient relationships can lead to better patient results.

One crucial factor that contributes to an improved

relationship between a physician and their patients is the ability to provide meaningful educational information that can improve a patient’s health. Research has found that how information is communicated is just as important as the educational information itself.

How Digital Marketers Can Help Physicians Help Their Patients

Physicians are always interested in learning more about products, services, and procedures to improve their patients’ health outcomes. But, they don’t always have the time to investigate every question they have fully.

An estimated 47 percent of physicians are experiencing burnout after the pandemic. This means they’re less likely to spend what little spare time they have actively researching new information on diseases and healthcare treatments unless it is critical for their patients.

This is why sharing useful clinical information with HCPs can be a powerful tool for digital marketers.

Sending HCPs educational information that aligns with their interests and specialty can capture their attention while informing them of critical information that will benefit their patients.

What Types of Clinical Information Should Marketers Send?

Of course, there’s an endless supply of clinical information that digital marketers could potentially send to HCPs.

So, how can you determine what information will be the most beneficial for your audience and the most effective for grabbing their attention?

First, segment your audience. This will ensure that HCPs are only receiving clinical information that is relevant to their area of interest and specialization. For example, oncologists will have very different professional interests than general surgeons.

Next, leverage statistics and let the numbers tell the story. This will require marketers to do some research to determine the most relevant statistics for physicians looking to improve the health outcomes of their patients.

Finally, create a feedback loop for physicians that encourages them to let you know what is and isn’t helpful. This can be in the form of a quick email survey or a personalized email. Physicians view marketers who create two-way communication channels as trustworthy sources of information.

Tips for Increasing Email Opens

Here are some additional suggestions for presenting clinical information to HCPs through digital marketing campaigns.

1. Keep it concise

No matter what you send, remember that it needs to be concise and easy for a physician to glance over quickly. Because they are working with limited time and resources, physicians will only be able to spend a few seconds looking over an email before determining whether it’s worth a read or belongs in the trash.

2. Be clear in your subject line

An email subject line will determine whether or not a physician opens the email. So, use the space in the subject line to clearly state what information you are sharing in the email without trying to be too clever or creative. Get to the point in 6 – 10 words.

3. Personalize your emails

Use provider names in your emails to create a personal touch. Research has found that subject lines with personalization have a 50 percent higher open rate than generic email lines.

Trust HealthLink Dimensions for Your Next Email Campaign

Once you have created your email campaign, it’s time to hit send. Get your emails into more inboxes with HealthLink Connect from HealthLink Dimensions.

Our email deployment services will ensure your emails are sent to the right providers at the right time without getting filtered by spam filters. Learn more by contacting us today.

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