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Healthcare Data Audits - What They Mean and Why They're Essential

A Conversation with Richard Murphy, Executive Vice President at BPA Worldwide

HealthLink Dimensions recently sat down for a conversation with Richard Murphy, Executive Vice President at BPA Worldwide, to talk about what goes into BPA Worldwide’s certification process and why it’s so highly valued, particularly within the healthcare marketing industry.

Q. Why do you believe that database audits and validation are important?

A. An independent audit provides assurance for buyers and sellers. When buyers see the BPA logo, they know the database has passed a vigorous review of source qualification, demographic data, email deliverability and age. Sellers have confidence they are selling verified and validated data. The BPA Worldwide database audit adds trust to the transaction. We have seen a significant increase in the call for independent validation in all digital media channels, including the healthcare database market.

Q. Can you break down how a BPA audit translates into that trust? What does it include?

A. The BPA audit verifies and validates all the key elements of a healthcare database. We verify the sources of the names – the names must come from valid, qualified sources, and the sources must be updated within 36 months. We verify the demographic information reported. In HealthLink Dimensions’ case we verify the individuals are healthcare professionals. We verify delivery rates. We verify the names have been permission passed – meaning all individuals are given the opportunity to opt out of receiving email communications. Lastly, we verify the list totals, reporting only records that passed the tests outlined above.

Q. BPA Worldwide deals with a lot of different industries. Can you talk about what’s unique about what it takes to provide validation within the Healthcare space?

A. Verifying source, age, demographics and counts are standard procedures for our media audits. What makes this space unique is the process for tying and validating email addresses to healthcare professionals. When an email address includes the name of a hospital, clinic, or practice, the linking process is straight forward. However, many healthcare professionals use their personal email addresses to receive professional content.

HealthLink Dimensions has developed a proprietary method for linking personal email addresses to healthcare professionals. BPA reviewed and tested the methodology employed to ensure the process provides accurate results. You can see the results in the HealthLink Dimensions BPA Audit Report: 92% of the emails could be tied to healthcare professionals; 8% could not. The 8% are active, deliverable emails, but we could not establish the link to the healthcare professional. HealthLink Dimensions and BPA are committed to providing full transparency.

Q. These audits are very rigorous – we can attest to that! What should auditees expect as they go through the process?

A. Yes, it is. And I think people should know that it’s a voluntary process. Companies invite BPA to come in and examine their policies, procedures, controls, and data. It is a challenging exercise, but it is rewarding when you see the results. The process takes about 45-60 days. This is a significant commitment of time and resources by HealthLink Dimensions.

Q. Why is data auditing such a worthwhile experience?

A. As I mentioned previously, the process benefits both the buyers and the sellers. Buyers know the data has passed a vigorous review of source qualification, demographic data, email deliverability, and age. Advertisers know quality data performs better. A BPA audit provides them with that assurance. On the sell side, sellers have confidence they are providing a quality product.

At HealthLink Dimensions, the value of every product and service we offer depends on the quality and validity of our data. That is why we are proud that our healthcare provider email database has earned BPA Worldwide certification, the global standard of validation in the media industry.

Contact us to learn more about HealthLink Dimensions’ data gathering, email, programmatic, and managed data services, and why major healthcare organizations across the country rely on us for comprehensive, audited healthcare data.


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