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Top Healthcare Hiring Challenges In 2022

Healthcare organizations have faced significant physician recruitment challenges in 2022. The market is experiencing record staff shortages, and we have seen many reports about the uptick in physician and HCP burnout.

By understanding market trends, your team can plan for more successful recruitment initiatives next year. What’s in store for 2023? Let’s take a closer look:

  • Non-clinical positions will continue to skew toward remote work. Check your recruitment tactics – are you emphasizing flex or remote positions? Be sure that these details are not lost when recruiting.

  • Labor expenses will increase. Ensure that your budgets allow for rising labor costs.

  • Recruiting will require expanded efforts. This may be the time to revisit your use of third-party, compliant data when you develop outreach initiatives for important roles.

  • Human resources departments will see a greater emphasis on flexibility and innovation. This is an opportunity to look closely at support staff, their roles, and the tools needed for more efficient work in 2023.

You should also review your physician data in the coming year. Whether you have merged lists from an acquisition or have been compiling data for some time, your recruitment success hinges on organized, accurate, and thorough information.

We can help augment or analyze your existing data, ultimately increasing your efficacy and chances of recruitment success. Contact us today.


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