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Physicians On The Move

Burnout Continues To Challenge Healthcare Marketers – And It’s On The Rise

A recent study by Apollo Intelligence – a HealthLink Dimensions client – sheds light on the concerning state of physician burnout.

The study, which concentrated on more than 400 American and European physicians, reveals that healthcare professionals are experiencing high levels of burnout or are feeling frustrated, dissatisfied, or uncomfortable in their roles.

Key statistics from the report include:

  • Nearly 49% of U.S. physicians reported burnout in 2023, which is an increase of 4% when compared to 2022

  • 70% are concerned about staffing challenges in 2023 and note the lack of qualified specialists

  • 60% believe that many more qualified healthcare professionals will leave their professions in 2023

  • 28% of U.S. physicians don’t believe the healthcare system will change in 2023

The impact of burnout goes beyond individual physicians, as it can also impact patient care. By addressing the root causes of physician burnout and providing adequate support, hospitals and other practices can ensure the well-being of their valued employees and contractors.

This also affects hospitals, healthcare agencies, and pharmaceutical companies marketing to HCPs. Our 2023 Healthcare Communications Report revealed that nearly 30% of MDs and DOs made one job change since March 2020. With doctors and their staff on the move, we will need updated data to best reflect practice location, email addresses, and more – not to mention the providers who are stepping up to fill existing physicians’ shoes. Our data services for hospitals and providers can help as we navigate the impact of physician burnout.


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