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The Future Is Digital

With increased reliance on artificial intelligence and other digital solutions, healthcare professionals, organizations, providers, and patients require enhanced cybersecurity features.

Below, we look at the top five ways our industry’s digital needs have expanded.

  1. Data privacy programs have become a top priority. Data breaches in healthcare can leak sensitive patient information, and with the increased digitization of our industry, it’s a greater concern than ever. Now, there is a call to employ HIPAA-compliant data privacy programs to avoid devastating consequences.

  2. Healthcare providers are using more apps and websites. The new “digital business environments” require additional cybersecurity measures to ensure that patient information is not improperly accessed.

  3. There is an emphasis on user-friendly cybersecurity solutions. Ten years ago, IT professionals were often the only ones trained to use cybersecurity solutions in healthcare settings, which include threat scanning programs, apps, and other services. Now, anyone accessing patient information in a digital environment needs to know how to use this software to avoid releasing compromising data.

  4. Healthcare providers are using more devices. HCPs are using more devices than ever, which means they must protect each one – no matter the type – to keep all data safe.

  5. Artificial intelligence will continue to help us provide excellent care. As artificial intelligence-enabled machines analyze symptoms, predict risk, and suggest personalized treatments, it’s even more critical to protect the data programs use to improve patient outcomes.

If you have taken on additional digitized healthcare processes, we can help you ensure your data is compliant. Contact us to find out about effective marketing to physicians and healthcare providers across all their devices, safely and securely.


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