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The Importance Of Personal Contact Information When Purchasing HCP Data

Healthcare marketers rely on healthcare provider (HCP) data so they can reach their target audience through digital marketing channels, such as email, SMS, and social.

Frequently, that entails purchasing HCP data from a trusted healthcare database provider. However, not all healthcare database providers are the same.

That’s why it’s critical for healthcare digital marketers to understand what personal contact information is the most beneficial for all of their digital marketing efforts.

With the right personal contact information from HCPs, healthcare digital marketers can utilize audience match services available from social media platforms to supercharge their campaigns and get an even broader reach.

Understanding Audience Match Services

Many marketers are familiar with retargeting, which sends customers ads based on their behavior. For example, a customer who clicks on a product in their shopping app might see an ad for the same product when scrolling through their Facebook feed a few minutes later.

Audience matching works in a similar way but with a different purpose. Instead of retargeting the same customers by advertising something they have already seen, audience matching targets new customers based on existing customers’ or visitors’ demographic and geographical profiles.

So, with audience matching, marketers can reach a broader audience that is demographically or geographically similar to existing customers and visitors.

Platforms that Utilize Audience Match Services

Many social media platforms have some version of audience match services. For example, Meta offers an Advanced Matching service, while LinkedIn provides a Matched Audience service. These platforms use audience matching to retarget or find new audiences using what’s called “lookalike audiences.” These are audiences that have similar profiles to existing audience members.

In addition, there’s Google’s Customer Match service. The search platform allows digital marketers to use their online and offline customer data to broaden their reach across Google Search, Gmail, Display, YouTube, and the Shopping tab.

The Power of Personal Contact Information

Of course, these audience matching services can only work if they have personal data to use. While it is entirely possible to target new customers who have never heard of you or visited your website, you’ll still need to give social media platforms some personal contact information from your list of current audience members.

An email address is the best tool you can have in your digital marketing arsenal for audience matching. Google, LinkedIn, Meta, and other platforms let digital marketers upload a list of current customers’ email addresses. These platforms then use those email addresses to send them and customers that look like them any ads or information of your choosing.

An email address is just the start when it comes to leveraging your existing contacts’ personal information. The more unique information you can provide about your connections, the better. This includes information such as your contacts’ date of birth, geographic location, and other pertinent data.

Platforms that use data matching should all have security measures in place to respect the privacy of your client list. For example, Google’s system translates the data it receives into hash codes, ensuring that information will not be easily discoverable or decipherable.

How HealthLink Dimensions Can Improve Your Digital Marketing

Use HealthLink Connect from HealthLink Dimensions to power your omnichannel digital marketing strategy. Our provider database includes all the pertinent personal information you’ll need to drive your marketing campaign forward.

Our programmatic solutions drive reach, helping media teams and pharma brands reach 80% of providers across digital devices, channels, and platforms. At the same time, our email deployment services get pertinent information to 1.7 million healthcare providers’ inboxes.

Contact us today to learn more about how HealthLink Dimensions can help with all aspects of your healthcare digital marketing strategy.


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