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The Importance Of Timing When It Comes To Email Marketing

In our digital age, it might not seem like it would matter whether you sent an email at 10 PM or 11 AM. However, with email marketing, timing is everything.

That’s why taking some time to consider when to send your emails to maximize your open rate and ensure your message gets to the right people

is essential.

Here are some reasons why you should take the time to figure out the best time to send emails to your email list.

3 Reasons Timing Matters in Email Marketing

Consider these three factors as you calculate the best time to send an email.

Reason 1: People get a ton of junk email

The fact that everyone has access to an email, combined with the prevalence of email marketing among brands of all types, means people are inundated with emails.

The average person gets at least 100 emails per day. That doesn’t include the hundreds of emails that automatically get filtered and sent to the Spam folder.

Much of what is left is junk email that either gets deleted or pushed to the bottom of a never-ending “unread list,” never to see the light of day. Only a tiny percentage of the email we receive is something we want to read and find helpful.

As an email marketer, you want to ensure that your emails are part of that small percentage of emails that get seen, opened, read, and engaged with. So, mastering the timing of email will make it more likely that your intended audience will click “open” instead of “delete” when they see it in their inbox.

Reason 2: People are creatures of habit

For the most part, people have formed habits around email, especially in the workplace. For example, healthcare providers tend to have packed schedules. So, they may be likely to check their emails in the early morning, before they start seeing patients. They might not recheck it until lunchtime, then do a final check before leaving for the day.

If your emails get sent during the long stretches between when your physicians are routinely checking emails, they are more likely to get buried among the other emails that came in at more convenient times. On top of that, consider that physicians do not necessarily have the luxury of time to spend thoughtfully perusing their emails. They might only have a few minutes to read the emails that seem the most urgent or interesting to them. You want yours to be at the top of that list.

Reason 3: Your competitors have already mastered email marketing timing

Ok, we can’t necessarily say that with 100 percent certainty. However, it’s safe to assume that at least some of your competitors have put thought into timing their emails. That means their emails will be the ones physicians are the most likely to click on just out of convenience.

There’s no reason for you to be stuck behind the competition or for your email to get pushed to the bottom of your audience’s inbox. Putting just a little thought into the right timing can significantly impact your metrics and responses.

HealthLink Dimensions Can Help You Time Your Emails Better

We know that perfectly timing your emails is easier said than done. That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of our new Send Time Optimization data for all US healthcare providers.

We can help you build awareness and drive engagement with physicians and other healthcare providers through email deployment, social media, programmatic, and more.

With HealthLink Dimensions, you can expect more. Engage more. Precisely.

Contact us to get started.


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