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The “Smart” In Smartphone Doesn’t Mean Patient Education & Resources. But It Could.

Part 1 of our ongoing series discussing

the 2022 HCP Communication Survey

Healthlink Dimensions’ 2022 HCP Communication Survey clearly shows that providers feel crunched for time. They overwhelmingly prefer email over other direct forms of communication, and they read those emails on their smartphones.

This fascination with smartphone solutions extends to patient communications, too. More than half of the providers surveyed indicated that they are very likely, likely, or somewhat likely to use mobile technology to distribute patient support and education information.

These results make sense on multiple levels. First, most patients have smartphones, which means these devices are an easy, always available means to provide communications and information.

Second, smartphones open the possibility of automating this process. Doing so relieves both the provider and office staff of the need to respond to each patient’s requests individually. Given [the rapid turnover rates currently impacting the industry], any solution that reduces office workloads should help improve practice efficiency and job satisfaction.

Third, smartphone-based educational information distribution generates data that leads to better office management. Providers and administrators gain insight into the information patients request at each point in their treatment journey, including when and why they feel the need to call the office for more information. The organization then can adjust policies or staff performance expectations to address operational areas of concern.

These systems need to meet the following criteria to be effective:

  • Easy to enroll and easy to use for patients

  • Simple to navigate to access both push information (based on your visit today, you may want to review…) and patient research across trusted resources

  • No fuss-no muss intuitive service for staff, who have other responsibilities and do not need a “solution” that makes their day-to-day jobs more difficult

That’s why we built MobileZen. MobileZen uses SMS technology – texts – to connect providers with patients. Its streamlined, turn-key service makes it easy to provide medical education information on a one-to-one basis, automatically distributed based on patient opt-in.

Healthlink Dimensions works with healthcare systems, life science organizations, and medical practices to design and populate the back-end library with appropriate education materials. We do the heavy lifting so that staff can concentrate on patient care, with comprehensive support and service so your content and library of resources remain fresh and relevant.

Patients activate their MobileZen membership by texting a keyword to a 6-digit number or scanning a QR code. From there, they review office communications and choose from a list of educational resources appropriate for their situation.

MobileZen’s digital platform means that provider organizations see that patients accessed the information meant for them, which assists in identifying individuals who need person-to-person follow-up. Concurrently, live support helps patients use the system – or request that someone call them should they have additional questions after reading their intended educational resources.

In short, smartphones can improve patient loyalty and satisfaction while freeing providers and office staff from some of the day-to-day overhead that contributes to overwork. MobileZen makes it happen.

Text HLD to 555888 to learn more about MobileZen via a live demonstration. Or contact us at 404.250.3900 for more information or to receive your copy of our 2022 HCP Communication Survey.


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