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HealthLink Dimensions is a healthcare database company that was formed to service the medical industry by creating the premiere physician healthcare demographic database. HealthLink Dimensions collects provider demographic information from various quality sources and cross verifies these multiple records to maximize accuracy.

Your right to privacy is important to us at HealthLink Dimensions and we are committed to helping you maintain control over your personal information. For that reason, we have implemented the following Privacy Statement.

Privacy Policy

  • HealthLink Dimensions collects only the information it needs to facilitate medical communications or the processing of a healthcare claim.
  • Your information may be shared with select affiliates, partners, and third parties licensed to access your information for business transactions and communication. Examples of the types of approved uses include news alerts on new treatments, prescription drugs, medical devices, payment & automation solutions, and other mission critical tools that you as a physician employ on a daily basis when interacting with your patients and colleagues. HealthLink Dimensions provides frequent opportunities to update personal information and/or to opt-out of future communications.
  • HealthLink Dimensions will take all reasonable steps to secure your personal information. This includes protecting it from unauthorized access or erroneous alterations.
  • HealthLink Dimensions does not collect or share information related to children.
  • HealthLink Dimensions will not share dates of birth with any of its affiliates, partners, or clients.

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