3 email marketing tactics that never go out of style

3 email marketing tactics that never go out of style

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Organizations use a variety of tactics to reach medical professionals and practices, with email being a key component. By utilizing outbound messages tailored to specific audiences, marketers can better engage healthcare providers. With that said, the worlds of marketing and technology are always changing, making it difficult for marketers to keep up with the latest trends. However, there are some trends that won’t be going out of style anytime soon, and these are the ones life sciences organizations would be wise to pay attention to.

1. Optimize for mobile
In today’s fast-paced work environment, healthcare providers rely on mobile devices to stay connected. Doctors may only have a few minutes between patients to check their smartphones for important correspondence, so it’s critical for marketers to reach them here. Since almost 50 percent of emails are opened on mobile phones, according to Litmus, life sciences organizations need to create email marketing outreach that is optimized to fit on the screen of a phone or tablet. Failing to take this step could result in people deleting emails after browsing through them or not reading the materials at all.

There are a few actions marketers can take to optimize successfully, according to Hubspot. These steps include reducing image sizes, increasing the size of links and call-to-action buttons, and paying attention to the proportion of the screen so pictures fit correctly. If the proliferation of smartphone use in recent years is any indication, this is one area that will only continue to grow, making it a factor marketers can’t afford to miss.

Mobile optimization is critical for successful email marketing.
Mobile optimization is critical for successful email marketing.

2. Craft strong subject lines
When it comes to marketing, there always needs to be something to draw readers into the materials. For emails, the subject line is among the first things doctors and physicians will see. It also holds the responsibility of encouraging medical professionals to read the rest of the message. Some marketers struggle to create a strong subject line. Keeping it short and sweet is key, as is ensuring the message is honest. By adding a sense of urgency, like a promotion with an upcoming deadline, life sciences organizations can boost response rates from interested medical professionals. And unless how emails are arranged and visible in inboxes suddenly and drastically changes, marketers can count on subject lines remaining an essential part of the puzzle.

3. Maintain a clean database
Email marketing campaigns are only as strong as the client database marketers utilize. Without the proper target audience, the message may not resonate with recipients. To reach the healthcare providers most likely to act on the information within the email, life sciences organizations have to manage their customer databases effectively. This means frequently reviewing lists to eliminate duplicate records and eradicate contact data that is no longer relevant. Taking this action will reduce the chance that marketing – and the money spent on it – goes to waste. Data has transformed the way businesses operate, and its importance is only likely to increase as technology continues to make it easier to collect and utilize information.


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