Improve your sender reputation in 2 easy steps

Improve your sender reputation in 2 easy steps

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When it comes to physician email marketing, life sciences organizations have a lot of responsibilities to manage. In addition to planning and execution, marketers must also focus on their sender reputations.

Life sciences organizations must improve their sender reputation.
Life sciences organizations must improve their sender reputations.

Understanding sender reputations
It’s important to email recipients, especially busy medical professionals, that the source of messages is credible and trustworthy.

While a life sciences organization’s standing is normally tied to their audience’s opinion of their efforts, sender reputation is something¬†different. It is essentially a score that signals how trustworthy a marketer is to an internet service provider (ISP). According to Litmus Software, there are two distinct types of sender reputations:

  1. IP reputation: This is tied to the metrics an ISP has seen in the past from the IP address sending physician email marketing and how users have engaged with the sender and its messages.
  2. Domain reputation: Since emails are sent from more than one provider or IP address in this day and age, a single domain can be used to track reputation. The results of the various addresses are accumulated under a single domain umbrella. Therefore, marketers need to take control over their sending domains to improve the health of their brand reputation overall.

Here are two easy ways marketers can improve their sender reputations:

1. Segment email lists
Although life sciences organizations want to reach as many medical professionals as they possibly can, broad messaging actually accomplishes the opposite. Instead of trying to attract healthcare providers from a variety of backgrounds, marketers should narrow their focus. Segmentation can help these organizations interact with a smaller group that is more likely to be interested and engaged, according to Mail Relay. With more targeted outreach – including information that is directly relevant to the daily practices and patient relationships of the recipients – marketers can reduce the chance that their emails are marked as spam. As a result, their sender reputations will be looked upon more positively, especially since more medical professionals will open and read their emails.

2. Create a strong subject line
Improving open rates is a crucial task for life sciences organizations trying to increase their sender reputation scores. To complete that goal, marketers need to devise appealing subject lines, according to Smart Insights. If well-written, subject lines will encourage readers to actually open an email newsletter and read its contents. A concise but catchy subject line paired with accurate identification of the sender can increase the open rate metric. As a result, organizations won’t be seen as spammers, thus improving their sender reputations.