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Elevate Your Email: Personalization Strategies for Healthcare Marketers

A HealthLink Dimensions Webinar

Are you maximizing the impact of your email campaigns in the healthcare sector?


In our insightful webinar, "Elevate Your Email," join HealthLink Dimensions' experts — Zack Aab, Email Deliverability Manager; Nathan Lenyszyn, VP of Marketing; and Mike Green, SVP of Data and Products — as they unveil proven strategies that drive superior engagement through personalized email marketing.

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Watch Our Webinar

Personalization Is Key to Engagement

During the webinar, Nathan illustrates why email remains the preferred communication channel for healthcare professionals, based on consistent preference data collected over a decade. Zack discusses the critical data that powers effective email strategies, highlighting the importance of accurate, actionable insights for achieving personalization. Mike dives into how personalization, supported by research from Stanford University, significantly boosts email campaign performance by detailing that adding a recipient's name to the email subject line can increase the opening rate by 20%, which in turn boosts sales leads by 31% and reduces unsubscribes by 17%.

Data-Driven Insights for Precision Targeting

HealthLink Dimensions leverages detailed data on clinician behaviors and preferences to tailor content, enhancing relevance and engagement potential. Mike shares insights into the diverse data attributes that enable precise targeting, from specialty and geographic location to the types of patients seen and services provided.

Real-World Examples of Successful Campaigns

Zack provides tangible examples of how personalized approaches have significantly outperformed less tailored ones. He discusses three distinct campaigns, highlighting how tailored messaging, informed by our comprehensive data, leads to markedly higher engagement rates.

Strategies and Tools for Effective Campaigns

The webinar transitions into actionable strategies that healthcare marketers can apply immediately. From building your perfect audience with HealthLink DataView to incorporating key demographics to boost engagement, these strategies are designed to enhance the relevance and impact of each communication.

Why Watch This Webinar?

  • Gain Insights: Understand the critical role of personalization in healthcare email marketing.

  • Learn Practical Strategies: Discover how to implement data-driven personalization for enhanced engagement.

  • See Results in Action: Learn from real-world examples where personalized email significantly outperformed standard approaches.


Our experts not only discuss the what and why of effective email marketing but also delve into the how, providing you with a roadmap to elevate your own email strategies.

Are you ready to make every email count? Dive into "Elevate Your Email" now and transform your approach to healthcare marketing with personalized, impactful email strategies that resonate with healthcare professionals.

Watch the webinar now to start enhancing your email marketing effectiveness today!

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