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The Key To Reaching Physicians & The Healthcare Universe

When you need to reach physicians (or just about any decision-maker in the healthcare industry), HealthLink Dimensions has you covered. That’s why so many pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, health plans, and their marketing agencies look to HealthLink Dimensions for our vast databases and the tools to put our data to work.

More Data, Verified Accurate

We have the largest provider databases in the nation. Plus, we have detailed information about our contacts, including hard-to-get data like prescribing behavior, preferred time to receive emails, and so much more.



Doctors And
Healthcare Providers


Records With
Email Addresses

Nearly 7,000


with executive and
departmental decision makers


Verified Accurate

Healthcare enterprises and their ad agencies trust HealthLink Dimensions because our data is verified accurate by third-party auditor, BPA Worldwide, and tested in clinical settings every day. We use more than 500 sources – including proprietary ones – to collect our information, cross reference the data from source to source, and reach out directly to contacts by phone to verify accuracy.


We’ve also developed an exclusive healthcare provider website and newsletter, HCP Today. This peer-reviewed resource is designed to provide clinically relevant information to physicians and nurses. It’s another reason why clients choose HealthLink Dimensions – including 11 of the 15 largest pharma companies – and why we have a 95% client retention rate.

Services To Put Data To Work

Beyond a wealth of data, HealthLink Dimensions also offers clients the services to reach their audiences more effectively. From analyzing your lists to identifying missing information and inaccuracies, to email deployment, and programmatic advertising we can help you make the most of your data.

Advanced Filtering Precision

Our new triple verification service ensures that emails to clinicians achieve their full potential by filtering out hard bounces, spam traps, and other barriers. We guarantee reliable and efficient communication, ensuring your messages confidently reach their intended recipients.


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