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Data Reports
Data Counts

What Kind Of Information Do You Want?

How many “Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists” can you reach? What percentage of physicians can you match to their NPI numbers? How many ENTs can you contact by email?


HealthLink Dimensions has the largest database of provider data in the nation, and we’re happy to show you what you can access when you work with us.


Choose the report that best meets your needs:


  • Counts for providers with email addresses – broken down by specialty and by provider type

  • Counts for group practices, including the number of affiliated providers – broken down by specialty and state

  • Counts for provider characteristics, like NPI numbers, hospital affiliation, med school, as well as counts for different types of providers with different credentials

  • Counts for physicians with email addresses based on sub-specialty

  • Counts for allied health professionals based on sub-specialty


Download Reports

Complete the form to receive the report(s) that meet your needs:

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