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Paid Social Media Advertising

​Target, Reach, And Engage Your HCP Audience On Social Media

​With HealthLink Dimension’s HCP Social Media Advertising, you can effectively target and connect with clinicians on popular social platforms, ensuring your message reaches the right audience.

Available In All 

Major Social Platforms


Reach And Engage Healthcare Professionals On Social Media


A recent Nielsen study found that 70% of consumers who saw a social media ad remembered the brand compared to only 30% of consumers who saw a traditional display ad. Even more impressive, a Socialbakers study found that consumers are 2.7X more likely to engage with social media ads than traditional display ads. Now, with HealthLink Dimensions, you can connect with your target audience of clinicians through highly targeted social media advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), Reddit, and Snapchat. Expand your reach and drive meaningful engagement with your HCP audience.

Reach The Right Healthcare Professionals With Precision


Don’t waste your advertising budget by connecting with the wrong audience. With HCP Social Media Advertising, you can target and reach clinicians with highly deterministic NPI-level and Treatment Insights data. Ensure accurate, clinically relevant targeting to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Reach Your Entire Healthcare Audience Seamlessly


Why limit your clinician reach with generic social media targeting and poor-performing look-alike models? With HCP Social Media Advertising, you can access 1.2 million MDs and DOs, as well as 600,000 NPs and PAs, ensuring that your message reaches all HCPs meeting your targeting criteria.

Reach Healthcare Professionals Where They Are


Clinicians use more than one social network, and so should your promotion channel strategy. With HCP Social Media Advertising, you can target healthcare professionals on all major social channels. Expand your reach and connect with your HCP audience wherever they are.


Reach your HCP audience on social media. Whether you are just getting started with social media advertising or already have a seat in LiveRamp, HealthLink Dimensions has the expertise, data, and services to help you take your healthcare marketing to the next level.

Start Reaching Your HCP Audience Today

Request a consultation to see examples of where you ads can be served, the way your ads can appear, and how we can precisely target the clinical audience you want to reach.

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