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Advancing Email Quality: New Feature

HealthLink Dimensions continues to pioneer advancements that redefine industry standards and improve our client services. For example, we recently completed a streamlining tactic that refined our internal processes, allowing for better scalability.

We are also working on new steps to ensure the precision and efficacy of our communication channels. Our improved triple-validation guarantees that emails reach their intended recipients without inaccuracies or outdated information. In addition, triple-validation enhances our deliverability rate overall – in essence, the better our email data, the better our employment capabilities.

Some additional advantages to our enhanced email deployment capabilities and triple validation include:

  • Efficient processes for high volume, which means we can smoothly handle over 600K emails per month

  • Bolstered reputation, increasing the chance that emails are opened

  • Improved engagement metrics, such as open and click-through rates

  • Enhanced analysis capabilities, including with unsubscribe rate hikes

  • Diversified setup, which means fewer risks of complete service breakdowns, ensuring consistent email delivery

  • Careful monitoring, so we can quickly fix any issues to maintain our top-notch IP and domain reputation

While we make significant strides in email deployment services and infrastructure stability, we are also developing a new platform for our clients.

For more information about new products and features from HealthLink Dimensions, contact us.


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