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HealthLink Dimensions’ Data Mastery Drives Unprecedented Success

A Case Study

When a leading recruiting firm faced hurdles in targeting healthcare providers, due to market saturation and fragmented channels, they turned to HealthLink Dimensions for a solution.

Our custom programmatic advertising solution, targeting providers based on location, specialty, and treatment insights across diverse channels, proved instrumental in achieving extraordinary results. By leveraging HealthLink’s unparalleled expertise in healthcare data and technology, the recruiting firm witnessed an impressive 95% match rate and a remarkable 3% click-through rate on job postings, far surpassing industry averages.

This success story, available as a full-length case study, is a testament to HealthLink Dimensions’ commitment to elevating healthcare recruiting. With augmented, audited, and compliant data, we have empowered healthcare staffing and recruiting companies to navigate challenges and gain a competitive advantage. The ongoing partnership underscores HealthLink Dimensions as a trusted ally for those seeking excellence in healthcare recruiting strategies.


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