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Hospital M&A Changes Underscore The Importance Of Updated Hospital Data

According to healthcare consulting firm Kaufman Hall, 15 health system and hospital transactions recorded M&A activity in the first quarter of the year alone. This was followed by second-quarter merger activity with 20 announced deals, rivaling pre-pandemic levels.1

With ever-narrowing operating margins, mergers are expected to continue at the same pace. Additional insights into M&A activity include:

1. Second-quarter deal averages remain lower than 2022 year-end averages.

2. Larger partners will buoy local healthcare delivery through M&A activity.

3. Cross-regional partnerships are trending and have been projected to intensify.

4. Data breach risks will rise, according to recent studies. With merger activity continuing on the upswing, it is reasonable to expect that breaches will increase in kind.2

These changes create a communications challenge for hospitals, healthcare systems, industry-aligned agencies, and more, because it means clinician marketing data will need normalization, refreshing, and verification. There are many potential partners to keep in touch with, and updated data is crucial to stay competitive.

We can help! Did you know that HealthLink Dimensions has more than two email addresses on file for every MD and DO – an average of 2.3? Our expansive lists of clinician data will help you build out your lists while removing incorrect data.

If it’s been a while since you’ve reviewed specific lists – or even if it hasn’t – we are ready to assist.

1Adams, K. (2023) “Hospital M&A activity caught up to pre-pandemic levels in Q2, MedCity News.” Available at: <>.

2Lewis, J. (2023, August 15). “Hospital mergers double the risk of a data breach, study shows.” JD Supra. Available at: <>.


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