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How Pharma Can Better Support Caregivers

We often think about the role professional healthcare providers play in patient care, including physicians, nurses, and pharmacists. However, let’s not forget that caregivers also play a critical role in patient outcomes.

Caregivers handle all the day-to-day tasks patients need, such as administering medication,

driving patients to appointments, and staying in

communication with a patient’s healthcare provider.

Being a caregiver can easily add up to more than a full-time job. Taking care of a loved one is physically and emotionally demanding. In addition, many caregivers continue working full-time and taking care of their families at home. This leaves very little time for caregivers to focus on their own health and wellbeing.

The result is that caregivers often end up feeling alone and frustrated. They’re looking for someone to step in and support them. For many caregivers, that support they’re looking for can come from pharma.

What Caregivers Need from Pharma

A recent survey from Phressia Life Sciences found that 40 percent of caregivers don’t feel they have enough resources to give their loved ones optimal care. This poll was based on over 2,000 caregivers who were surveyed when checking in for doctor’s appointments.

Of these caregivers, 65 percent had been caregivers for at least three years, and 35 percent had been caregivers for more than seven years.

Not having support is taking a toll on caregivers’ mental health. The survey found that 74 percent of caregivers felt moderately to severely stressed about managing their caregiving duties.

Therefore, offering support to caregivers is critical. Pharmaceutical companies can build connections with area support groups to connect caregivers with others in a similar situation. Additionally, they can acknowledge caregivers and the crucial role they play in patient outcomes.

The Role of Education in Caregiver Support

In addition to providing support and encouragement, pharma companies need to give caregivers easy access to information so they can make important decisions about their patients.

Caregivers already spend a lot of time researching how to help their patients manage their conditions. The survey found that 73 percent of caregivers go online at least once a month to look for information about their patient’s specific condition. In addition, 20 percent of caregivers spend time researching multiple times a week.

The fact that caregivers are already searching for answers to their questions can help brand managers and buyers better understand how to reach them.

Here’s a breakdown of where caregivers are turning to find critical information to help the patient(s) in their care.


Surfing the web is the number one choice for caregivers. The survey found that 69 percent of caregivers start their search online.


More caregivers seem to trust the internet than doctors, as the survey found that 53 percent of caregivers turn to a doctor for advice.

Medication websites

When they go online, 33 percent of caregivers head to medication websites to learn more about their patients’ prescriptions.


Twenty-seven percent of caregivers look to their pharmacies for information to help their patients.

Patient advocacy organizations

Patient advocacy groups can provide support based on the group members’ experiences. The survey found that 18 percent of caregivers rely on them for information.

Social media

Only nine percent of caregivers educate themselves via social media.

Educate Caregivers Using MobileZen

The problem with searching for information online or through social media is that a lot of the content published is inaccurate. So, pharma should strategically guide patients toward reliable sources when they search for information online.

One way to do that is with MobileZen from HealthLink Dimensions. This platform helps life science companies engage with caregivers to provide education and support at any stage in the patient journey.

In addition to ensuring patients and caregivers have access to the latest information, MobileZen is easy to use and doesn’t require caregivers to download anything or keep up with updates. Contact us to learn more!


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