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Mobile Technology And The COVID-19 Vaccine

With recent news that several pharma companies have developed a vaccine for COVID-19, more questions have been left without answers from both consumers and physicians and other healthcare professionals who will be administering the vaccine once it is available. With just under 6 in 10 Americans having confidence in the vaccine, questions have also been posed about the challenges of double-dose administration regimens to get Americans fully vaccinated. Experts fear for the vaccines that require two doses, many who receive the first vaccine will either experience symptoms and not want to receive the second or will simply forget to get it in the necessary time frame. So, what can healthcare facilities and pharmacies do in order to get patients to return the second time? The answer could be through communication through mobile technology like MobileZen℠ from HealthLink Dimensions. Here’s why:

Developing vaccine confidence

In order for the vaccine to make a true difference in the spread of COVID-19, physicians and pharmacists will need to communicate both vital and reliable information to current patients. With conspiracy theories being spread, it’s important to instill trust in patients. By administering text messages through a mobile platform like MobileZen to patients who already have an established relationship with their healthcare provider or pharmacy, consumer confidence will increase.

Delivering information after the first visit

Just as the CDC plans to communicate with vaccine recipients via mobile technology after they receive it, physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare workers will need to stay in touch with patients to ease fears and set expectations. Sending information about potential side effects, surveys, and contact information through text messages will help patients get the crucial, trustworthy information they need to get them to return for the second dose.

Sending appointment reminders

While many Americans will be convinced to get the first vaccine, several weeks will be required in between vaccinations, and patients may simply forget to return to get the second shot. By sending text message appointment reminders and other HIPAA exempt messaging to patients’ mobile devices, they will be less likely to miss their appointment and return for the second vaccine dose.

Why MobileZen?

The MobileZen communications platform from HealthLink Dimensions enables pre-approved SMS interactions and mobile-optimized HIPAA-compliant content delivery between healthcare providers and patients. The platform’s intuitive interface makes it easy to define channels, designate content for different audiences, and automatically optimize content for mobile display. It configures quickly and allows instant opt-ins via a keyword text and is less costly than full development of an app.

Get in touch with HealthLink Dimensions

Even though pharma brands are on the horizon of full distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine, there’s still work to be done. That’s where HealthLink Dimensions can help, as we’re more than just a data company. While we’ve already been working with pharma brands with COVID-19 therapies deliver important information to primary care physicians via email, we’re committed to using our technology solutions to contribute to our mission of making healthcare and combatting COVID-19 easier.

If you are a healthcare system, provider, or pharmacy that will be administering the COVID-19 vaccine and need an easy, yet critical, platform to communicate with your patients like MobileZen, fill out the form or contact us!


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