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Navigating the iOS 18 Email Marketing Impact

An iPhone displaying an email inbox with a tabbed system, categorizing emails into four tabs labeled Primary, Transactions, Updates, and Promotions. The iPhone is held by a professional in a healthcare setting, with medical documents and equipment in the background.
iOS 18 updates bring AI to the inbox

As Apple rolls out iOS 18, healthcare marketers are closely monitoring its features to understand their potential impact on email marketing strategies. At HealthLink Dimensions, we remain vigilant in adapting to these changes to ensure our clients continue to achieve the highest deliverability and engagement rates. Here's a deep dive into iOS 18's updates and how HealthLink Dimensions and our clients can navigate these changes effectively.

iOS 18 Overview

Tabbed Inbox: iOS 18 introduces a tabbed inbox system that categorizes emails into Primary, Transactions, Updates, and Promotions. This system is similar to what we’ve seen with Gmail and Outlook. While this categorization can help users organize their inboxes, it also means promotional emails might be less visible if they are automatically sorted into the Promotions tab.

AI-Driven Summaries: A significant new feature in iOS 18 is the AI-driven summaries. These summaries aim to highlight the key points of an email, making it essential for marketers to craft clear and concise messages that capture the essence of their content in the first few lines.

How HealthLink Dimensions is Responding to the iOS 18 Email Marketing Impact

Email Licensing and Rental

We continue to uphold our rigorous standards for email licensing and rental, ensuring all content is optimized for clarity and engagement. With emails potentially being categorized into the Promotions tab, it’s crucial that your content stands out. Our strategy focuses on:

  • Crafting compelling subject lines and preheaders that grab attention.

  • Ensuring content clarity to make an immediate impact, crucial for AI-driven summaries.

  • Maintaining engagement with concise and compelling messages.

Email Deployment

HealthLink Dimensions is committed to best practices in email deliverability. This includes proper authentication and permission-based marketing, which are more important than ever with iOS 18’s new features. To ensure your emails reach their intended audience:

  • Optimize subject lines and preheaders to maximize open rates.

  • Focus on deliverability through authenticated and permission-based strategies.

  • Test and adjust based on performance metrics to continuously improve.

Content Optimization

In the age of AI summarization, content optimization is key. We recommend the following best practices for our clients:

  • Clear and concise messaging: Ensure your emails convey the main points within the first few lines.

  • Engaging content: Use compelling calls-to-action and interactive elements to drive engagement.

  • Consistent branding: Maintain a consistent brand voice and design to build recognition and trust.

Impact Analysis


Our data indicates that categorized inboxes have a minimal impact on the visibility of promotional emails. Users tend to check their various tabs or disable the feature altogether. Thus, the key lies in making your email stand out regardless of its categorization.

Engagement Metrics

While open rates might see a slight decrease due to categorized inboxes, this can actually enhance their accuracy by filtering out accidental opens. Therefore, our focus shifts to more reliable metrics such as:

  • Click-through rates (CTR): Measure the effectiveness of your content in driving action.

  • Web traffic: Track the flow of traffic from your emails to your website.

  • Conversions: Evaluate the ultimate success of your campaigns in achieving your marketing goals.

Final Thoughts

The iOS 18 update introduces some changes, but HealthLink Dimensions is well-prepared to navigate these shifts. By emphasizing content optimization and leveraging best practices in email deployment, we ensure that our clients’ campaigns remain effective. As always, our commitment is to provide the highest standards of deliverability and engagement for your email marketing efforts.

For any further questions or tailored advice on how to optimize your campaigns in light of iOS 18, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

About HealthLink Dimensions

HealthLink Dimensions is a leading provider of healthcare data solutions, specializing in managed data services, email licensing and deployment, and programmatic advertising. Our extensive healthcare provider databases are meticulously maintained and regularly audited to ensure the highest level of accuracy. By leveraging nearly 500 diverse sources and actively communicating with over 10 million U.S. healthcare professionals annually, we ensure that our data remains current and reliable. HealthLink Dimensions empowers healthcare marketers with the tools and insights needed to execute highly targeted and effective marketing campaigns, driving better engagement and outcomes in the healthcare sector.


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