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A New Era For Healthcare Marketing

As we approach the one year anniversary of the declaration of a global pandemic, life has changed as we know it. With those changes and topics that matter most, the advertising that we see in our daily lives has changed as well. With healthcare front and center, any brand that offers healthcare products or services should have a stronger marketing strategy than ever before.

Here’s why and how HealthLink Dimensions can

help achieve those goals:

Healthcare’s big moment

Just as the pandemic was emerging and healthcare operations turned digital overnight, the world was forced to adapt to a new way of thinking—much like they did when Amazon transformed the retail industry shifting from a brick-and-mortar shopping model to eCommerce. Jefferson Health President and CEO Stephen Klasko dubbed this revolutionary time as “healthcare’s Amazon moment,” and Klick Health EVP and NYU adjunct professor Destry Sulkes cites that healthcare marketing is “seeing a renaissance” with healthcare brands approaching their marketing strategies with “messaging and behavioral and human insights [that] are on par with Apple and Nike and all the brands that we love to love.”

The impact of healthcare marketing

The emphasis and impact of healthcare marketing boils down to one thing: empathy. We are conditioned to pay attention to products, services, and advertising that matters most to us. Throughout the pandemic, healthcare has been the main topic of conversation around the kitchen table unlike ever before in our lifetime. Consumers and businesses want to know about products and services that can solve problems, and right now the problem is healthcare. This is why if you aren’t marketing now, you’re missing your Amazon moment.

How HealthLink Dimensions can help

For nearly 20 years, HealthLink Dimensions has transformed how brands reach their audiences and are always adapting our strategies to help brands reach healthcare providers with their message. Throughout the pandemic, HealthLink Dimensions didn’t see working in healthcare as an opportunity but an obligation to help brands reach healthcare providers to make a difference and make their lives easier. So, how did we do it?

Programmatic advertising

As pharma brands were prevented from conducting business in person, they took to programmatic advertising to connect with their intended audiences using HealthLink Dimensions data. Our healthcare data was in such demand in 2020, HealthLink Dimensions saw a 45% increase in programmatic revenue compared to 2019 using third-party platforms like LiveRamp to help brands reach their intended audiences.

Get started with HealthLink Dimensions

HealthLink Dimensions’ mission has always been to make healthcare marketing easier, and more so than ever we are committed to making that possible. If you would like to learn more about how our data can help you reach the right healthcare providers, fill out the form. If you would like to purchase our healthcare provider data directly for programmatic campaigns, visit our third-party data store!


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