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Part 1: Crafting Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Effective email marketing can make a huge impact when it’s executed correctly. According to the 2018 Email Marketing Industry Report by Business Wire, 59 percent of marketers agreed that emails generate the most ROI for business. Additionally, 96 percent of organizations believe that they need to use data and insights to personalize their messages.

Beyond the main copy in each email, you have to pay attention to the little details that will encourage your audience to open each message in the first place.

In Part 1 of our effective email marketing campaign series, we’ll discuss the small specifics you need to pay attention to while crafting the perfect message to your target audience, and how important personalization can be:

Use the subject line, from address and preheader text to your advantage

In terms of marketing, the subject line is considered the most important section of the email for grabbing your audience’s attention and encouraging them to open the message. In fact, research by Convince and Convert found that 35 percent of email recipients reported opening an email based solely on the text in the subject line.

“You should always emphasize a strong subject line,” said Justin Hipps, vice president of email and digital strategy at HealthLink Dimensions. “The first thing that stands out from a marketing perspective is your subject line.”

“How you identify your facility through email has a major impact on your audience.”

How you identify your facility through email has a major impact on your audience as well. Consider your from address your first impression and introduction to your readers – if this address is a Gmail account instead of a reputable IP domain that’s associated with your business, readers may be hesitant to take the email seriously. The pre-header text, often located under the subject line, offers more information about what the email entails. It acts as a teaser, if you will.

“You want to use pre-header text to promote more opens,” said Hipps. “You want something that will grab the attention of the reader, a teaser line that compels them to open.”

If you want to try a non-traditional email marketing strategy, you may consider taking a more unique approach to customization and personalization with the subject line and pre-header space. One of the benefits of partnering with an HCP email solutions provider, like HealthLink Dimensions, is being able to leverage the email marketing expertise of an entire team and employ advanced deployment techniques.

“Try merging the name in the subject line, pre-header and several other possible demographic fields for increased rapport and validation,” stated Hipps. How personalization goes beyond using names

Another one of the easiest ways to grab the attention of your reader before the email is opened is by using his or her name. However, personalizing content goes beyond addressing your reader formally. As a healthcare marketer, one way to gain valuable insight is by surveying your patients. Ask why they visit your facility, what makes their experience more valuable and ways you could improve to cater to their wants and need. From there, you can craft a perfectly targeted email based on certain personas. Thanks for reading the first part of our effective email marketing campaign series. Be sure to check out Part 2: Crafting effective email marketing campaigns to learn how to curate your body copy and why storytelling makes an effective strategy. You can learn more about HealthLink Dimensions’ HCP Email Solutions here.


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