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Part 3: Crafting Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

No matter how you craft your email marketing campaign, one thing’s for sure – it’s all about making sure the reader takes action when they finish reading the copy. Enticing your audience to read with the right subject line and pre-header text is ideal, but you need to ensure they make it to the end of the body copy in the email. Understanding the latest medical marketing trends, as well as the non-traditional strategies can put your facility ahead of the curve when it comes to reaching your audience and effectively communicating your message.

In Part 2 of our email marketing campaign series, we talked about developing your body copy and why storytelling makes an excellent idea in crafting the perfect marketing email. As the final staple in our series, we’ll talk about new marketing trends to look out for as well as non-traditional strategies to consider.

Email marketing trends to look out for

Making moves to increase your digital reach to your target healthcare audience is key when establishing an effective marketing campaign. You should be willing to target by specialty for additional scale, market to healthcare providers with primary and secondary specialties and promote simultaneously across multiple channels. You should also be interested in following the latest trends in healthcare marketing in order to achieve the latter.

Pharma campaign automation is an up-and-coming trend, allowing pharmaceutical organizations to digitize physician interaction to create more engaging digital relationships.

General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is a set of rules designed to give facilities and individuals more control over their personal data.

Consider these marketing trends while curating your email marketing campaigns.

Non-traditional strategies to consider

Last time, we talked about storytelling in the body copy, and how it’s an effective way to keep readers hooked until the end of the email, leading them straight to your call to action, offers and social media links. Non-traditional strategies, such as designing for mobile first, using cross-channel promotion and merging the subject line and pre-header text can increased rapport and validation, according to Justin Hipps, vice president of email and digital strategy at HealthLink Dimensions. He said using these non-traditional strategies can set your facility apart from the rest.

“Ingenuity and innovative ideas receive the most attention,” said Hipps. “Stand out from the status quo.”

How HealthLink Dimensions can help

By paying close attention to the tiny details, using storytelling and other non-traditional strategies, you can craft the perfect email marketing campaign for your facility. For more assistance, contact HealthLink Dimensions. Our Email Deployment solutions give you greater control over email campaigns with an opportunity to expand your customer database. With our databases, you can connect with more than 2.7 million healthcare professionals, nearly 7,000 hospitals, 5,700 ambulatory surgery centers, 16,000 long-term care facilities, 13,000 assisted living facilities and approximately 300,000 healthcare facilities with business contacts.

Learn more about how our email solutions can help reach the prospects you need to grow your organization today.

In case you missed the previous articles of this effective email marketing series you can catch up by clicking the link below.

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