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Reach New Heights With Enhanced Outreach

As the post-pandemic continues to redefine “normal,” professionals in the healthcare industry face new challenges to incorporate patient preferences for telehealth, increasing reliance on electronic medical record-keeping, and expanded use of SMS and other electronic communication with patients.

Patients aren’t the only audience hospitals and health systems have to address. Massive physician and nursing turnover has made recruitment a never-ending challenge for provider organizations.

As marketers, we must adapt with data. We need up-to-date information to ensure our outreach to all our audiences – from patients to providers –is targeted, timely, and effective. High-quality data ensures accuracy and precision, reduces bouncebacks, and decreases the time spent by administrative staff updating old, inaccurate lists.

As marketer Tom Wozniak commented in his predictive 2022 piece about the future of email marketing, “Successful marketers put their efforts and budgets towards what works, and email continues to justify its place as an ROI champion.” Our job is to make that investment pay off. With that in mind, here are a few of the ways we can better engage, particularly with physicians:

Source Better Lists. Sourcing audited databases is crucial. Larger list counts can mean an expanded reach, but you’ll need the right partner to ensure your data is rock-solid with regard to accuracy. Look for transparent, compliant approaches to opt-ins and opt-outs.

Target Your Data: Look for ways to break out specialties further, such as geographic location, treatment insights, and health plan affiliation. We can find ways to help improve and append your data.

Validate Your Lists: Connect with doctors and healthcare providers through personal email addresses.

The most important tactic to increase physician engagement is identifying and securing partners that align with your company goals. We’re here to discuss your next step in developing trusted connections with the audience of your choice.

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