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Recent Notable Merger And Acquisition News In Healthcare

Every year, we see mergers and acquisitions in healthcare. However, the first quarter of 2022 saw noticeably fewer M&As than in previous years, according to KaufmanHall’s recently released M&A Quarterly Activity Report. In addition to their being a smaller number of transactions, the size of those transactions was smaller than in previous years.

While there have not been as many mergers and acquisitions in hospitals, there is still some notable healthcare marketing agency M&A news. In fact, some experts predict that 2022 will be a significant year for marketing agency M&A, as private equity becomes increasingly interested in med comms agencies.

Here are some of the top M&A news stories from the last year related to healthcare data and marketing agencies.

Eversana Acquires Intouch Group

In December 2021, Eversana completed the acquisition of Intouch Group. Eversana is a fully integrated commercial services platform for life sciences companies. It helps life science companies with challenges related to access, adherence, product delivery, drug pricing, and reimbursement.

IntouchGroup is a full-service agency network that serves the global pharmaceutical industry. The merger propels Eversana as a leader and positions it to better serve patients by improving commercial services across the healthcare sector.

The agreement was announced in October 2021. It states that Eversana’s integrated commercialization services platform would integrate with Intouch’s enterprise solutions, creative and media services, and data analytics.

Fingerpaint Marketing Acquires MedThink

Fingerpaint Marketing is a fully independent agency that develops integrated analytics-enabled solutions for healthcare organizations. It currently employs over 700 people around the world.

MedThink is a healthcare communications agency dedicated to improving communication in the medical community. MedThink has two divisions – MedThink Communications and MedThink SciCom. MedThink Communications offers marketing and medical education services to influence healthcare professionals and teams. MedThink SciCom develops medical solutions based on scientific knowledge and industry experience.

With the acquisition, Fingerpaint will be better positioned to improve medical education and communication for their clients.

Datavant and Ciox Health Merger

Finally, we need to talk about one of the most significant healthcare data mergers of 2021–Datavant and Ciox Health.

Headquartered in San Fransisco, Datavant is a leader in the healthcare data industry. It helps healthcare organizations keep their data secure with technology that supports linking de-identified patient records to protect patient privacy.

Meanwhile, Ciox Health is a leader in clinical data exchange. Its platform uses the most extensive clinical data network in the industry to connect data in ways that lower healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes.

The Datavant/Ciox Health merger represents the melding of two behemoth organizations in the world of healthcare data. The merger transaction has an estimated value of $7 billion. The combined entity will be called Datavant, and it will be the most prominent health data ecosystem in the U.S.

With the merger, the new Datavant will help providers, payers, patients, health data analytics companies, government agencies, patient-facing applications, and life science companies securely store and exchange patient-level data.

Datavant’s new combined ecosystem includes over 2,000 hospitals, 15,000 clinics, 120 health plans, 100 health data analytics companies, 30 life science companies, 70 academic institutions and non-profits, and 75 state, local, and federal government agencies in the United States.

Leverage the Power of Data with HealthLink Dimensions

These three significant healthcare mergers and acquisitions rely on one common thing–data. We all know that data is crucial for healthcare marketing.

At HealthLink Dimensions, we can help you leverage the power of data for your organization. First, learn more about our data services. Then, get in touch with us to see how HealthLink Dimensions can benefit your healthcare marketing initiatives.


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