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The State Of Pharma: Part III

In this series, HealthLink Dimensions has examined the importance of non-personal promotion (NPP) and how pharma brands are evolving during the pandemic and can prepare for the future. In this post, we look at how HealthLink Dimensions’ experience, valuable data, and flexibility have

helped pharma brands reach dermatologists

with their marketing message.

It’s no secret that pharmaceutical marketing has changed this year and will never be the same. With in-person office meetings between pharma reps and healthcare providers ceasing and conferences cancelled, pharma brands have had to change the way they do business. In addition, many healthcare specialties, including dermatology, saw a decrease in demand at the beginning of the pandemic, as many patients stayed home from non-urgent doctor’s visits. However, as patient fears subsided and non-essential healthcare visits began to increase, specialists like dermatologists were booked months out.

Dermatology also has an important connection with COVID-19 patients, as dermatological conditions such as varicelliform urticarial, erythematous, purpuric and livedoid rash have been reported in COVID-19 patients in addition to increased aggravation in conditions like eczema, rosacea, atopic dermatitis, and neurodermatitis rash. While there is still not enough scientific data to attribute these specific condition manifestations directly to COVID-19, it’s important for pharma brands to continue to distribute drugs that treat these conditions at full scale. So, how do pharma brands market effectively to dermatologists in this new climate?

Through the use of a multichannel digital marketing strategy using quality healthcare data, email deployments, and programmatic targeting from HealthLink Dimensions, pharma brands have been able to successfully reach their intended audience with their message. If you are a pharma brand specifically seeking to communicate with dermatologists, here’s why you can trust HealthLink Dimensions:

Experience in pharma

For nearly 20 years, HealthLink Dimensions has been making pharma marketing easier to improve B2B business, but especially since the beginning of the pandemic. Since March 2020, HealthLink Dimensions has deployed email campaigns to more than 900,000 healthcare providers, and 57% of those emails were for pharma brands. In addition, we experienced more than a 200% increase in demand for email deployments from pharma brands from February to April 2020 and have seen an uptick in pharma brands utilizing our data for programmatic targeting to dermatologists this year.

Range of targeting

According to the American Medical Association, there were less than 5,000 dermatologists in the US in 1975, but that number grew to nearly 20,000 by 2019. With dermatology being a growing sector, HealthLink Dimensions continues to provide valuable data on approximately 16,000 dermatologists. Using our extensive methods of verification including publicly available resources and NPI numbers in addition to our proprietary resources, our data is real-world verified by our in-house Provider Research Center (PRC) team to provide a robust architecture of in-depth, accurate data.

High value

By using HealthLink Dimensions’ data, pharma brands have been able to reach their intended audiences through email and programmatic targeting with higher reach and superior ROI than other forms of direct or in-person marketing. If you are a pharma brand who has saved marketing budget this year due to lack of conference attendance, consider using your end-of-year budget with HealthLink Dimensions.

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Times are tough. Your B2B pharma marketing doesn’t have to be. If you would like to learn more about how our data, email deployment, and programmatic solutions are making pharma marketing easier for drug launches, fill out the form or contact us!


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