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The State Of Pharma: Part V

In our The State of Pharma series, HealthLink Dimensions has examined how pharma brands can use email marketing to deliver important COVID-19 vaccine and therapy information to primary care physicians, marketing strategies to dermatologists, the importance of non-personal promotion during pharma’s comeback, and how pharma brands evolved at the beginning of the pandemic. In this post, we discuss strategies for pharma brands to market drugs and therapies in the oncology vertical.

For pharmaceutical brands creating B2B marketing strategies around drug releases and therapies for cancer patients, it’s never an easy task. Unlike other therapeutic areas, pharma brands must account for the vast vertical that oncology covers including a variety of tumors, while maintaining a consistent yet informative brand identity. Also, with patients being more engaged in a digital world learning about treatment options, it’s important to educate oncologists and surgeons about the latest drug information so they can discuss treatment plans with their patients.

With the oncology drug market expected to reach nearly $400 billion by 2027—an increase of 11% annual growth beginning in 2020—pharma brands are in a race to utilize the latest transformative digital channels to distribute information, which is why it’s important for pharma brands to have an active marketing plan to account for the rapid growth. Here are a few ways creating a marketing strategy to oncologists can be effectively achieved:


While some in-person visits with pharma reps have resumed, email communication has played a critical role in B2B pharma sales and promotion since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, nearly 90% of polled pharma executives agreed that virtual engagement will continue to play a part in pharma and healthcare provider engagement even after the pandemic. To help pharma brands craft their email communication marketing plan, HealthLink Dimensions offers data on nearly 33,000 healthcare providers that have oncology listed as their primary or secondary specialty and email deployment services to help deliver messaging about cancer-related drug releases or therapies.

Programmatic targeting

In addition to email, pharma companies are turning to programmatic ads to reach oncologists and surgeons for drug launches. With more than 22,000 digital identities related to oncology, HealthLink Dimensions is able to work with third-party Data Management Platform (DMP) vendors and create custom audience segments for pharma clients specifically looking to target drug release ads to oncologists and surgeons.

Get started with HealthLink Dimensions

HealthLink Dimensions’ mission and vision is to make healthcare and pharma marketing easier through creative technology and managed healthcare provider data solutions. As we’ve been able to help pharma brands with COVID-19 vaccines and therapies communicate critical information to primary care doctors in 2020, we’ve also seen in increase in oncology-focused interest from pharma clients, specifically surrounding prostate and HER2 breast cancer drug releases and therapies. If you are a pharma brand looking for solutions like email database, email deployment, or programmatic targeting to distribute your information to oncologists and surgeons surrounding your drug release or cancer-related therapies, fill out the form or contact us!


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