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The State Of Pharma: Part VIII

In our “The State of Pharma” series, we’ve examined trends shaping the ever-evolving pharma industry throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In this post, we take a look at the importance of maintaining consumer trust as pharma continues to work on vaccine development and how healthcare provider data from HealthLink Dimensions can help.

As millions of Americans continue to get the COVID-19 vaccine, pharma companies which may have not been known by the average individual have become household names. Recently, Moderna and Pfizer were among the top 10 most trusted brands in the annual Axios Harris survey—a first for any biopharma company. So, what does this mean for pharma brands and the future of vaccine development?

Pharma companies can utilize this moment to open lines of communication and establish continued trust by eliminating misinformation, starting with healthcare providers. Here’s why it’s important, and how HealthLink Dimensions’ HCP data can make that happen:

It all comes down to one thing. Patient trust.

Historically, Americans have had a strong disdain for big pharma. Just six months before the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic in September 2019, a Gallup poll ranked pharma as its least favorite industry. Think about that for a second. Pharma went from one of the most distrusted industries to cracking two of the top 10 most well-respected brands across a spectrum of industries. How did that happen?

The pandemic tore on our heartstrings.

Consumers emotionally connect to brands that affect their daily lives, and the pandemic was something that affected us all. So, what can pharma companies learn from this use case as they look toward the future to continue to gain and maintain high levels of trust?

Trust starts with healthcare providers.

A big factor in lack of patient trust surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine was the sharing of misinformation and misconceptions. Consumers sometimes don’t know what to believe, which is why education starts with healthcare providers who they know and trust. HealthLink Dimensions’ HCP data can help facilitate that initial communication between pharma companies and healthcare providers.

Using HCP data to develop trust.

Healthcare providers have been one of the professions hardest hit by the pandemic—yet most crucial in providing accurate information to patients with questions surrounding the vaccine and COVID-related therapies. In order to continue the level of patient and consumer trust in future vaccines and treatment, pharma brands can use our HCP database of more than 5.2 million active healthcare providers to reach them with the right message via email or programmatic advertising solutions.

Get started with HealthLink Dimensions

HealthLink Dimensions has been the industry authority in healthcare provider data for 20 years. We are continuously adding new data sets and using our verification methodology, which includes our clinical feedback loop and in-house Provider Research Center (PRC) team, to source our data. This is why 11 out of 15 of the biggest pharma brands trust us as their healthcare provider data partner.

If you would like to learn more about how we make healthcare better and easier for pharma brands and ultimately affect patient outcomes, fill out the form, reach out via chat, or contact us!


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