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Taking Stock

Greetings! I want to express my gratitude, especially to our amazing clients. Your partnership allows us to contribute to the mission of improving patient care and health outcomes.


With the mindset of taking stock, I would like to share a few stories that seem unrelated, and yet, connect to us here at HealthLink Dimensions.


European Beer Distillers: In a presentation to young entrepreneurs, Jeff Bezos discussed European beer breweries at the turn of the last century. Beer brewers were investing in their own power generators, but it was not in their wheelhouse. As soon as they could, breweries immediately switched to renting electricity instead of producing it, focusing all their energies on making their beer taste better.


Brooks Running: As a runner and business leader, I connect with this story. In his book Running with Purpose, CEO of Brooks Running, Jim Weber speaks of the journey of the once-failing company. To succeed, they shed non-core product lines and now compete fiercely with the behemoth Nike. With sales of more than billion dollars, Weber reflects that success really started with the singular focus on their core customer, the runner.


Costco: Costco is one of my favorite companies, and their strategy, execution, and team all revolve around maximizing value for their members. Every aspect of their operations, supplier relationships, and product mix is aligned with delivering value to their customers.


So, how do these somewhat unrelated stories relate to us at HealthLink?


  • We believe that quality healthcare provider data should be accessible to all companies working towards improving healthcare. We aim to democratize healthcare provider data, making it available based on your needs without your teams being burdened with data management and governance challenges. We believe you can focus on your core mission of educating and informing the HCPs with the right message and relying on HealthLink’s HCP data plumbing as a utility.

  • Unlike other vendors (including the behemoth with a five-letter acronym), our resources and energies are all focused on only one thing: HCP Data & Engagement. We aim to innovate faster and better to bring better products and services in this area.

  • Customer centricity is at the core of our team's DNA. We only hire employees who embrace this value, as we believe when we deliver superior value and experience to our customers, everything else will fall into place.


I appreciate your patience in reading through our business philosophy. We have many exciting plans on our roadmap, including incorporating developments in Generative AI into our data and solutions, improvements in our NP & PA database (if you haven’t, please check out our industry-first NP/PA communications report), enhanced Affiliation data, and programmatic and social advertising services.


I wish you all a fantastic holiday season and a strong finish to the year.




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