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The Power Of Third-Party Healthcare Provider Data For Programmatic Advertising

Reaching healthcare providers in today’s advertising world can be tricky. Not only have healthcare providers in many specialties been experiencing job fatigue and turnover due to the pandemic, but they’ve been bombarded with healthcare ads, creating challenges for healthcare marketers as they try to reach the maximum amount of healthcare providers with the correct

message. That’s where third-party healthcare

provider data from HealthLink Dimensions can help.

While first-party data is often portrayed as a “golden ticket,” especially within healthcare due to privacy laws, third-party data from sources like HealthLink Dimensions allows healthcare marketers to create a more well-rounded programmatic advertising strategy with an extended scope and audience reach. Here is why third-party healthcare provider data from HealthLink Dimensions is essential to enhancing your B2B healthcare programmatic campaigns:

Wider audience scope

When it comes to first-party data, the data sets often lack depth of collected information. HealthLink Dimensions gathers data sets for healthcare providers from multiple sources, providing a more robust architecture to HCP profiles than first-party data. Data profiles assembled from a variety of sources, including both personal and professional email addresses, also provide the opportunity for more programmatic real estate on the web and opportunities to reach HCPs, which is why we continuously add new data sets and data for millions of healthcare providers.

Bigger and better targeting

Often used as a supplement to first-party data, third-party HCP data segments allow for a bigger yet more targeted intended audience in programmatic campaigns. HealthLink Dimensions uses our third-party HCP data to create segments customized by primary and secondary specialties for our healthcare clients so that they can reach the most relevant HCPs as possible.

Continual data updates and audits

Throughout the pandemic, healthcare provider email addresses previously collected through first-party means may have changed or been abandoned due to turnover or layoffs, making them obsolete. But at HealthLink Dimensions, our data is constantly updated, refreshed, and real-world validated using our clinical feedback loop and in-house Provider Research Center (PRC) team. We also are the largest healthcare provider database certified by BPA Worldwide in addition to our third-party verifications from StrikeIron and BrightVerify, making our provider database the only one of its kind in the healthcare industry.

Fueling campaign success

When it comes to programmatic advertising, campaign success is only as good as the quality and thoroughness of the data behind it. First-party data provides a framework for a programmatic campaign, but supplemental, well-vetted third-party data from HealthLink Dimensions can complete the full picture.

Get started with HealthLink Dimensions

At HealthLink Dimensions, we know data, and we know healthcare. As the industry authority in healthcare provider data for 20 years, our mission has always been to make healthcare easier through data solutions. Our 1,400+ audience segments can be purchased directly from our third-party DMP partners, or our team can work with you directly to create an exclusive custom audience segment to fit your individual needs for your target audience.

To learn more about our custom segments, fill out the form, reach us via chat, or contact us.


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