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Unlocking Email Campaign Success: Insights From HealthLink Dimensions’ Webinar

With so many privacy law changes in 2023, it’s time to take a closer look at where we all stand in compliance-related matters. HealthLink Dimensions hosted insightful webinars on Data Privacy and Email Campaigns featuring Chris Arrendale, CEO of CyberDataPros, Zack Aab, Email Deliverability Manager, and Nathan Lenyszyn, VP of Marketing. These sessions provided crucial guidance for healthcare marketers to create effective email campaigns and comply with changing privacy regulations, and they’re both available upon demand.

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The Email Campaign Success webinar focused on understanding the true objectives of email marketing campaigns beyond open and click data, emphasizing defining specific goals and aligning with desired outcomes. Aab and Lenyszyn addressed how bot activity affects open rates and suggested techniques to filter out bots for accurate user engagement analysis.

In addition to objectives, the webinar discussed data privacy, including respecting user content, safeguarding data, and staying informed about evolving industry standards. For action items, future trends, and key points on user data protection, we encourage you to access the Email Success Webinar here.

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The security of our data is top-of-mind these days, and we’re here to help with information about the safe use of third-party marketing data. Review valuable information from Chris Arrendale, the CEO of CyberDataPros, who spoke with our Nathan Lenyszyn in one of this summer’s webinars. We review the importance of data privacy, personalization of data, and upcoming privacy law changes, preparing you to optimize how your company handles different types of data. Access our Privacy Webinar here.


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