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Use HealthLink Connect Solutions For Non-Personal Promotion During And Beyond The Pandemic

To say that healthcare has experienced a fundamental shift since the COVID-19 pandemic would be a dramatic understatement. From developing vaccines at warp speed to moving patients to digital platforms, the healthcare sector as we know it now looks a lot different than it did 24 months ago.

For media buyers, brand managers, and senior executives working in the pharma and life sciences sectors, one noticeable change has been the increased importance of non-personal promotion (NPP) during the pandemic. NPP uses digital platforms to engage with healthcare providers using 1:1 NPI targeting. These can include email, programmatic marketing, banner ads, and mobile marketing that are targeted to specific healthcare providers to deliver beneficial, relevant information.

The Value of NPP in a Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic may have spurred the shift to digital marketing in healthcare, but a change was already taking place well before COVID. As healthcare providers get busier, their available time to speak with medical reps diminishes. The result is a disconnect between media buyers and brand managers and the healthcare providers they serve.

The name “non-personal promotion” is a little misleading. NPP is not impersonal. Instead, it takes a personalized approach to marketing through 1:1 NPI targeted digital advertising instead of in-person communications. As a result, NPP benefits busy healthcare providers. Instead of needing to set aside time to speak to a rep in person, for example, healthcare providers can peruse an email newsletter when it makes sense for them, then reach out to representatives when they have the time to take a deeper dive.

Healthcare marketers seem to have fully embraced NPP in the wake of the pandemic, with no signs of slowing down. A 2020 survey from MM&M found that 43 percent of healthcare marketers planned to increase their budgets for NPP because of the pandemic. A follow-up report in 2021 found that 94.6 percent of healthcare marketers used all digital marketing in 2020, compared to 91.5 percent in 2019.

Even as the pandemic slows down, the interest in using NPP won’t. Digital ad spend is set to increase by 18 percent, to 11.3 billion, in 2021, according to FiercePharma.

Benefits of Using HealthLink Connect Solutions

HealthLink Connect from HealthLink Dimensions has solutions for media buyers, brand managers, and executives working in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. These include email, email deployment, programmatic, and mobile marketing solutions used by Lifesciences and the agencies that serve them.

Our solutions deliver 1:1 National Provider Identifier (NPI) targeting. Thanks to deterministic data, we have significantly improved the availability of HCP cookies and mobile destinations. Our master dataset now includes 5.24 million HCPs, with 81 percent (4.29 million) available to be reached programmatically.

The result—a 10 percent increase in your potential reach in just one month!

With HealthLink Connect, you can reach the right HCPs at the right time to deliver meaningful information that spreads awareness and drives engagement. Our personalized approach to NPP empowers you to increase your digital reach through hyper-targeted and segmented healthcare audiences. It’s designed to integrate with omnichannel strategies, giving you flexibility and control. Plus, you’ll get real-time data analysis and insights to optimize each campaign.

See how HealthLink Connect can improve your marketing strategy by contacting us today.


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