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What’s Next For Programmatic Advertising In Healthcare?

Healthcare marketers were thrown a curveball at the beginning of the pandemic, causing a quick shift to adapt to the times. Traditional B2B marketing budgets were slashed, and dollars were moved to digital mediums like programmatic advertising to get in front of the right healthcare providers with appropriate messaging. But as business in B2B healthcare marketing begins to

return to normal, what does that mean for the future of programmatic advertising? Here are some of our predictions for what’s to come with programmatic advertising in the healthcare industry:

Digital advertising is here to stay

Even with pharma brands and healthcare companies reverting to in-person meetings, digital advertising strategies like programmatic to reach healthcare providers aren’t going anywhere. More than 80% of physicians use health-related technology, and 90% use social media for professional purposes, which is why continuing digital marketing over traditional will continue to be key to a well-rounded and effective B2B marketing strategy.

Messaging will shift back to product-based advertising

Throughout the pandemic, brands had to be careful of what to market and when to avoid a lack of empathy. Many healthcare and pharma companies focused on “healthcare heroes” campaigns in their programmatic strategy targeting frontline workers with messages of encouragement and support. But as we get back to a state of normalcy, healthcare brands will likely feel more comfortable once again with product marketing over brand awareness campaigns and structure their budgets to pre-pandemic strategies.

Using quality data for hyper-focused programmatic targeting will be key

Even as the pandemic subsides, physicians and healthcare providers will still continue to be inundated with healthcare ads. Using highly targeted audience segments by specialty for programmatic campaigns will continue to be crucial to get in front of the right healthcare professionals with the appropriate message. HealthLink Dimensions’ HCP data is continuously updated using our clinical feedback loop and in-house Provider Research Center (PRC) team in order to provide the highest quality data segments, which are verified by primary and secondary specialties.

Get started with healthcare programmatic advertising

HealthLink Dimensions’ mission has always been to make healthcare easier through advertising solutions such as programmatic using the largest healthcare provider database certified by BPA Worldwide. We work with clients to create custom audience segments and third party partners like LiveRamp and Neustar to provide the best audiences for your healthcare brand’s needs.

To request a custom segment for programmatic campaigns, fill out the form, reach us via chat, or contact us.


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