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The State Of Pharma: Part IV

In this series, HealthLink Dimensions has examined how pharma brands are marketing to dermatologists, the importance of non-personal promotion, and how pharma brands are evolving during the pandemic. In this post, we examine the value of using email marketing to deliver important messaging about COVID-19 therapies to primary care physicians.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, pharma brands are racing to develop a vaccine and other treatment therapies. But with in-person office visits between pharma companies and primary care physicians still being kept to a minimum, distributing crucial information on treatments, vaccines, and therapies has been challenging.

With pharma ad spend up by 111%, pharma brands have turned to email marketing to reach primary care physicians with this content, which is crucial in creating effective treatment plans for patients. Here’s why it’s important:

Provide proper instructions

Since COVID-19 is a new virus, doctors will need detailed information on how to effectively administer the vaccine and other treatments to patients and how to store it properly. After Pfizer reported that they had a vaccine that was 90% effective, new information was released that the vaccine would need to be stored at -70°C (-94°F), leaving question if primary care facilities especially in hard-hit rural areas will have the proper resources for storage. Delivering this type of important messaging to primary care physicians will be essential, and that’s where HealthLink Dimensions can help. We recently worked with a major pharma brand to distribute information about their COVID-19 antibody therapy, including who it was recommended for, to 170,000 primary care physicians via email.

Prevent the spread of misinformation

Throughout the pandemic, spammers and hackers have been prevalent in spreading false information via email and attempting to hack into healthcare systems. Using trusted healthcare provider data that is real-world validated from HealthLink Dimensions can help prevent your message from appearing as spam and increase your open rates and engagement.

Preferred method of communication

COVID-19 has transformed the way that pharma brands reach healthcare providers shifting from in-person correspondence to digital communication. But even before the pandemic, we found in our 2019 Annual Healthcare Provider Communications Report that 66% of healthcare providers preferred email as their main method of communication, and it continues to be the easiest way to get critical treatment information in front of primary care physicians.

Get in touch with HealthLink Dimensions

HealthLink Dimensions’ mission has always been to make healthcare easier using leading-edge technology and quality healthcare provider data. As the world’s largest healthcare provider database certified by BPA Worldwide with 1.7 million email addresses, we are committed to helping pharma brands reach healthcare providers who are on the front lines of the pandemic with important healthcare information. If you would like to learn more about how our email database solutions can help your pharma company distribute COVID-19 therapy-related news and resources, fill out the form or contact us!


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